What is a wetroom?


A common question one gets asked is “what is a wetroom?”

In essence a wetroom is a waterproof room usually equipped with a shower. The room itself becomes the enclosure of the shower,  with a drain in the floor replacing the conventional shower tray.

Because you have no shower tray you have more scope to create a room that is different in colour , layout and style. no set size for your shower and no need to put your shower in a corner, why not put your shower in the middle of your wetroom?

Wetrooms are offen called shower rooms.

Before you can fit or construct a wetroom you need to make the room in which you wish to make your wetroom is water proof. This is done by a form of wetroom tanking, this in essence turns the floor of your room into the shower tray and your walls into the enclosure.

Wetrooms are becoming a very popular and are great for disable access.

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