What Is Wetroom Tanking


Wetrooms needs to be tanked ( waterproofed ) to provide a water proof room for your wetroom.

Tanking, in essence, turns your room floor into a shower tray and the walls of your rooms into the shower enclosure.

Wetroom tanking is essental to stop water leaking into your building and cause structual damage.

Wetroom Tanking also provides a number of benefits over the traditional bathroom set up. For example, a correctly tanked wetroom eliminates water/moisture damage in your home, it is compatible with underfloor heating systems, it prolongs the life of the tile grout. A wetroom that is professionally tanked provides a most reassuring promise to homeowners. No more leak guarantee! Once properly sealed, a wetroom will be impervious to any wandering water.

There are many different ways to tank a wetroom and many different fitter and manufactures have there own way of tanking a wetroom. Buy wetroom tanking kits are available to buy online.

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