Why to use a Pre formed Wet Room Trays

When making a wetroom or shower room you need a place for you shower water to drain away. As water runs downhill with gravity it is important to make sure that your waste / drain hole is lower than the surround floor and that the floors slopes towards the drain hole.

wetroom floor

The easiest way to achieve a sloped floor and waste hole is to use a pre formed wetroom tray. These can be fitted directly into the floor and can be tiled over. These wetroom floors are similar to a conventional shower tray, except they are designed to be fitted into the floor rather than on top of the floor and have a tileable surface. They also have no lip around the edge to retain water.

Many pre formed wetroom floor kits are available, how ever I personally prefer the wetroom kits available from Abacus Direct.

“Abacus Elements are a range of easy to install, tileable wet floor systems suitable for both domestic or commercial application. Abacus Elements is made of a waterproof structural foam with high insulation properties, making it the perfect solution when waterproofing and electrically heating the bathroom.”

These kit are available to buy online from many online retailers.

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