Wetroom Kit comparison

As there are many kits available on the market, I though I would give you a review of two of the leading wetroom kits available on the market that in essence give the same result but achieve this in a different ways.


Abacus Elements Wetroom Kits

The Abacus Elements Wetroom Kits comprises of a preformed wetroom floor, water proof boards, sealing/tanking solutions for the joins and waste kit. The Abacus Elements Wetroom Kit works by installing the preformed floor INTO you existing floor by cutting out and removing floor board from your joists, then placing waterproof boards OVER and ONTO the remainder of your existing floor. Using tanking supplied you then seal the joins between boards.

You can then purchase additional boards, at a reasonable price I must say, to cover the surrounding walls of your shower area.


What I like about the kit is that it is easy to install and comes with a fitting DVD that shows you how to install the kit correctly.


What I dislike is that you are adding to the overall thickness of your floor in your wetroom, this means the floor is higher that the adjoining rooms floor. You will find you may need to plain down you bathroom / wetroom door to allow for opening of the door. You also are adding to the thickness of the walls making the rooms a little bit smaller and if you have to drill through to attach mirrors and furniture, you will need longer screws to reach harder material.  This extra thickness however will add to the insulation value of the room.

Roman Shield Tanking Kit

Roman Shield Tanking Kit  allows you to create your own wetroom retreat with our multi-award winning complete Roman Shield Tanking system. You can choose between a Complete Tanking Kit, which contains everything you need to tank an area of 10m² in preparation for tiling. Alternatively we offer Complete Wetroom Kits which incorporate a Pre-Formed Shower Floor and a Waste for use with tiles. The tanking kit included in the Complete Wetroom Kits will also cover an area of 10m².

Roman Shield Tanking Kits make installing a wetroom a simple process. They include a step by step installation guide and we also have a video podcast available for you to watch online, that shows every stage involved in the installation process.


What I like about the Roman shield tanking kit is that you waterproof or tank your existing plaster walls and no additional boards are required. You also tank your existing floor (if suitable) meaning you dont need to add extra high and thickness to your floors and walls.


If your flooring is traditional floor boards then you will need to replace this with ply boards or cover over with ply board (adding thickness) other wise you would have to seal every join within your floor boards, which would be very time consuming and expensive with the use of allot of tanking tape. It can also be very messy with all the tanking solutions to mix and paint onto surfaces. The drying time is also an issue if you are paying for a plumber to install as they would have to come back each day for a couple of hours for a couple days.

Compared wetroom kits

Each of these two leading wetroom kits do the same job but in a different way. The abacus kit uses waterproof boards, where the Roman Kit waterproofs you existing boards. Over all as a fitter I would recommend the abacus kit as it makes the fitting allot easier and quicker as there is allot less drying time. you are also using new waterproof board on the floor so you an make sure the water runs towards the wast and not puddle or pool in corner or worse run out the wet room door! How ever I do like the tanking of the Roman kit for the walls of the wetroom as this saves me allot of time hanging new boards and getting the walls level. Each kit has its advantage. Im not sure and have never tried to use these two kits together, but I could see a good advantage to using the Abacus kit for flooring and the Roman kit of the walls.

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