Wet walls and bathroom panels

Wet walls and bathroom panels are a great alternative to tiles and are not just constrained to the bathroom. Wet wall can be used in may other situations including kitchens, WCs or any room you wish to use.

Wet walls and bathroom panels were designed as wall panels for bathrooms for inside showers originally for the commercial market but soon seen them selves introduced into the domestic market as an alternative to tiling.

These shower panels have then since been used as splash back around baths and sinks, shelves inside windows and even whole rooms covered.

Shower boards and wet walls come in 2 main forms, one being a laminate covered MDF or Ply board and a complete plastic board.

Many new bathrooms installs use a mixture of plastic and wood basted board during the construction as each have there own advantages and disadvantages.

One of the main leaders in wall walls and bathroom paneling is Grant Westfield. They are the producers of the shower board range called MultiPanel. There range of bards are a ply board based board covered in a waterproof laminate cover and is currently available in cover 32 different colours and finishes. They also offer a range of panels which give the appearance of tiles called tile panel. Grant Westfield also offer a range of matching vanity boards, flooring and ceiling panels.

Grant Westfield sample are available direct from Grant Westfield and boards are available from authorised retailers only or bathrooms showrooms.

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