Cleaning and Maintaining your bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom, to be honest, it’s everyone’s least favourite job. But if you put it off, and off, nothing short of a nuclear weapon will get your bathrooms clean once more.

Things don’t have to be that way, though.

In just 2 or 3 minutes a day, these 4 steps will deal with soap scum and build-up in your bathroom so you will never need to scrub again:

All you need is:

If you splurge on an extra bottle of glass cleaner and paper towel, these can be kept handy in the bathroom all the time.

Here’s what to do:
When you have finished in the shower but before you get out of the shower do a once over on the shower walls and glass with the shower blade removing the majority of the water. This is also a good excuse to stay in the warmth of the shower enclosure a little longer before braving the colder bathroom air.

Get out of the shower and do your normal stuff … dry off, powder, deodorant, moisturiser etc.

Take 2 pieces of paper towel and clean in this order – mirror, counters, quick wipe over towel bars, chrome in shower, and toilet lip. Throw paper towel away.

Do one of these tasks every day or two-

  • Clean bath with bathroom cleaner and do a quick wipe with wet rag/sponge
  • Clean the toilet (vinegar is ideal for this or bathroom cleaner) that a sqirt of bleech in the bowl
  • Do a quick wipe of the floor
  • Clean your shower doors (if you have them) with bathroom cleaner and/or glass cleaner, or if you have shower curtains- spray any spots with vinegar.

Each of these only take seconds if you don’t let it get out of control in the first place.

Watch for any mildew, or discolouring of the grout. Spray with vinegar and leave it to do its work.

Once a month

Using a bathroom / shower / glass protection solution or spray, protect you shower screen, chrome and glass to keep you bathrooms looking cleaner for longer. Roman offer a good solution called Roman Ultra Care.

That’s it. Your bathroom will always look terrific, and it’ll be a lot healthier too. If you don’t let build up happen in the first place, keeping your bathroom squeaky clean is a breeze.

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