Components you need to create a wetroom

There are several key components you need to create a wetroom, all of which are equally important.

All these key wetroom components can either be bought separately or as part of a wetroom kit.


A drain, as you are probably well aware, allows the water to drain or flow out. Drains are often referred to as wastes. There are many different varieties of drains available, you can choose from a linear drain or a gully drain which will then have different outlets available for them (usually vertical or horizontal). After the plumbing side of things have been chosen you can then decide on what type of finish you would like, usually this involves deciding between a tile insert grating or a stainless steel finish.


The Wetroom Tray floor former is very similar of to a shower tray. You could say that wetroom floors formers are the “shower tray” of the wetroom world. It is predominantly where you will stand when showering in your wetroom.

The wetroom floor formers have pre defined gradient/slope leading the drain location which will be pre-made in the tray. Your waste trap and waste pipe will then attach the this drain location.


The term tanking basically means waterproofing, this is the part which will make the floor / walls waterproof and stop any damage to your building from the water.

Tanking is generally available in 3 forms, paint on liquid, waterproof membrane (which is a sheet you can lay down) and also in boards known as tile backer boards.


The over all finish to your wetroom is the times you choose. This desition is purly on taste and budget. Just remember to choose a tile that isn’t slipery when wet for your floor tiles.

5.Final touches

The final touches are the shower head you would like in your wetroom and any wetroom glass panels to deflect splashing water away from anything you may have in your wetroom…. nothing worse than a wet towel or wet toilet paper.

Wetroom kits

It is much easier to create a wetroom when you buy a wetroom kit. Aside from the tiles, a screen, and the final touches, most wetroom kits contain all of the above. Buying a wetroom kit avoids the need to spend a lot of time looking round for different products.

As you can see, there are many different options for choosing the different components for your wetroom. It is best to spend a bit more and go for quality to make sure you have a quality wetroom experience.

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