Shower Guide – Electric Showers

Electric Shower draw water direct from the cold water mains and heat it as it is used using an heat element within the main shower unit. This means that you can shower at any time of the day, without the need to pre-heat your hot water supply.


Electric showers are very economical, as you heat only the water that you need. Electric Showers are also the only type of shower that’s independent of the hot water system, so if your boiler fails you can still have a hot shower.

Electric Showers require both a connection to your mains cold water supply and electrical supply. The connection to your electrical supply will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician, as the electrical element within the shower requires a separate fused electrical supply circuit. The electric element within the shower unit is between 7.5kw and 10.8kw, it is important to establish which kW output you require before purchasing an Electric Shower, this can be verified with your electrician.

Electric Showers are a popular choice of shower, as they can easily be installed in old or new properties.

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