Bathroom Cladding Vs Tiles

Plastic bathroom cladding is becoming more and more popular. In this match-up there is only one clear winner and if you are still undecided on which to choose, a specialist has all the information you need to realise that while bathroom tiles may be the long-time conventional choice, bathroom cladding is the better alternative that before long will overtake tiles and become the essential choice for bathroom walls around Britain.

The reason that bathroom cladding is already crossing the chequered flag whilst bathroom tiles are only making their way around the first corner, is because of the many great advantages that come with this walling alternative. Below, the main points of how bathroom cladding wins hands down are outlined:

Easy to Install

While bathroom tiles take time with grouting, painstaking placement, fitting and finishing that is disruptive to the area which everyone will need to use each day,  bathroom cladding wastes no time as there is no grouting or preparation necessary, with each panel easily interlocking together.

Bathroom cladding can even be fitted over existing ceramic tiles, damp and damaged walls. However i would advise getting any major damp cured before fitting.

Plastic bathroom cladding can be easy fitted to a ceiling inside your bathroom, this if offen refered to as ceiling cladding or ceiling pannels.

Easy to Clean

It goes without saying that alongside the kitchen, our bathrooms are the place where cleanliness is most important. Being sleek and continuous around all four walls, bathroom cladding provides a superb wipe-clean finish that saves you time and ensures better hygiene. In comparison, the many grooves in-between bathroom tiles presents an opportunity for dirt to catch and is then tough and time-consuming to get rid of.



Our bathrooms should always look their best and be a place where we can relax in a candle-lit bath or be made to feel truly clean before we leave each morning. Tired, dirty and dated tiles won’t always achieve this, but the many cladding styles offered will create a seamless look all around you and make your bathroom a real luxury to walk into each day. The only problem with cladding over tiles is that if you do enjoy a candle lit bath, make sure that flame is away from the plastic bathroom cladding as it will melt or even set on fire, unlike tiles.

The bathroom cladding will complement everything from the mirrors to the basins in your bathroom. When laying bathroom cladding and bathroom tiling against each other, it comes down to a choice that is convenient, clean, practical and elegant against something that is dated, time-consuming and hard to keep. As our lives move quicker and we need things to be easier and more appealing when we return home, there is only one clear winner.

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