Lustrolite High Gloss Panels

What can I say about Lustrolite Panels??…… WOW…. Amazinging…..Stunning!

I first saw a glass kitchen years ago and remember thinking that it looked amazine, but soon realised that it cost a small fortune an was really difficult to work with, ie you can just cut a hole in glass to fit a plug etc. This is where Lustrolite has has amazed me!

Lustrolite is an acrylic board which give all the high glass appearance of glass but with out the disadvantages. Lustrolite is easy to work with and can be installed rapidly over new or existing wall finishes.

Lustrolite® is an advanced multi-layer acrylic sheet that looks just like glass. Lustrolite applications include shower walls, bathrooms and kitchens.

Weighing less than a quarter of a traditional glass sheet, Lustrolite has 20 times the impact strength. The colour is permanently fused to the clear layer and it is highly resistant to harsh chemicals, like bleaches and solvents, because of its unique hard coated surface.

Lustrolite high gloss boards can easily be cut by hand with a hand saw or circular saw, drilled, and finished easily with a router. It is easy to work with as its lite weight and you simply cut it to suit the wall or space you are fitting it to, just like Multipanel Shower boards that I have talked about before. the Best thing about the Lustrolite board is that they dont cost the earth! You can Buy Lustrolite Boards Online for a very cheap price!

The award winning Lustrolite Panel brings life to shower walls, wetrooms & kitchen splashbacks

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