Add Elegance with new bathrooms taps

Bathroom taps play a very important role in adding a new look to any bathroom. The taps should be selected keeping in mind the interior décor or finish of the bathroom. Taps are made from a range of materials and are priced accordingly. Brass is the standard metal used for making bathroom taps. There are several types of taps available in the market, many are audience specific. Office, restaurant, home and public restrooms have different specifications and requirements. It is very important to select a tap that is aligned with your particular specifications and requirements, along with your tastes and preferences.

Water dropping from a tap.
Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bathroom Taps: Types
Bathroom taps come in various configurations and with different applications. They may be categorised as follows:
Bath mixer taps: Bath mixer taps are used to mix cold and hot water supply into a single pipe spout. Most bath mixers have a knob that can divert water to a shower that is mounted overhead or to a bracket with a hand-based shower. Mixers come in traditional and contemporary designs. They are apt for low pressure and for providing a bracket for the shower. These taps are home specific.
Basin taps: These taps are essential bathroom fittings that come in a variety of designs and finishes. They are usually fitted to a bathroom basin, hand basin or cloakroom basin. They come with a long or extra spout and a long or short neck, and can be customised. Basin taps are available with both lever handle and cross handle. These taps are fundamental for all bathroom setups.
Bib taps: Bib taps are pillar taps and have a long neck. They are traditionally installed in bathrooms and kitchens. These taps fit well with sinks or basins of all styles. They are relatively easy to install and do not have any complex plumbing involved. They also come in standpipes and wall mounted settings. They are apt for a home setup.
Sink taps: Sink taps are minimal style taps that complete the contemporary bathroom. They come in a range of different styles and have a sturdy look and feel. There are several options available, from dual flow models to straightforward hot or cold delivery models. These taps are essential in setting up office, restaurant and public bathrooms.

Bathroom Taps: Factors to Consider Before Buying
Bathroom taps are made of different materials, have various finishes and come in a variety of styles. However, there are certain essential aspects that one must consider while buying bathroom taps. These are:
Efficiency: The main purpose of a tap is to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of water. Taps are designed acknowledging the shortage of water faced across the globe. Be sure to check their water-saving ability.
User friendly: Taps should not be very complex. The required functions, such as the desired mix of hot and cold water, should be easy to set.
Configuration: Taps come with various configurations, including single lever, double lever and double mixer. Each type of tap has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you have thought about the advantageous you desire.
Style: The style factor plays a major role. Taps are available in brass, copper, nickel, polished chrome and ceramics.

An array of bathroom taps are available and can even be purchased online. I order allot of my taps for my customers through a local supplier called who I can not praise enough. You are able to search, compare and select bathroom taps from all leading manufacturers and can deliver to UK.

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