Three Great Interior Products

Are you an interior designer, a DIYer, Plumber, Kitchen Fitter, or simply looking for innovative interior products for home decor? Then you may have already looked at glass panelling or printed glass film that can bring decorative effects to a glass surface? Do you want a decorative film for your commercial application? Here are three great interior decorative products to choose from that could add dramatic effect to your interior styling:
• Glasen- Decorative Glass Panel
• Lustrolite – Acrylic Panells – Also known as Zenolite outside the UK
• Benif -Decorative Film

Glasen – Decorative Glass Panel

Glasen is a printed film and is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. This innovative interior product is a piece of art and can bring a range of decorative effects to glass panels. The glass panels laminated with Galsen can make a fantastic interior decorative piece. It can also complement most interior decor. Its surface quality and high gloss can provide any glassy surface with an elegant look.

The good news is that Glasen can help you reduce up to 50% of the glass requirement as it can be laminated to a single glass sheet. The product also has a range of applications. It can be used on table tops, Flooring, work surfaces, bar counters and even on kitchen splashbacks.

Benif – Decorative Film 

Benif decorative film is another great way to add unique styling to surfaces. Benif is a self -adhesive interior film and is ideal for giving a classy appearance to commercial shop fitting applications. This product can be used to modify any commercial surfaces without disruption, meaning that you don’t have to move or replace existing fixtures while applying Benif self-adhesive films. It is ideal for use on wood, plastics and various metals.

Benif is easy to install, offers good surface performance and is available in a variety of finishes such as woodgrain and chrome.

Lustrolite – Acrylic Panels


Outside the UK Lustrolite is also know as Zenolite and are both produced by EGR. Lustrolite Acrlyic Panells give the appearance of a glass panel.  A kitchen splashback made of Lustrolite can give your kitchen a whole new, renovated look. A kitchen splashback can not only protect your kitchen walls from spills and splashes, it can also work as great interior product. Lustroliter is available in larger panels which are perfect for bathrooms and showers. This high quality interior product has many features to delight a designer. Lustrolite splashbacks are heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius, is easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. The splashback can also be used to bring more light to your kitchen.

LUSTROLITE_Rouge_Kitchen (2)

Lustrolite is easy to install and can provide your kitchen with a designer look. The product is exceptionally tough too.

All three of these interior products are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, so you can always choose from any one of them when looking for a way to add glamour to a kitchen.

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