Choose the Wet Room Kit that’s right for you:

If you are thinking of getting a wetroom fited in your home, it is good to do some research first before getting a plumber in to do the work. Many plumbers are concomitant in fitting bathrooms but not all plumbers are complainant in fitting wetrooms. Wetrooms are a specialist job and a good plumber with experience of fitting a wetroom is essential as any leaks or plumbs are very hard to fix once the whole room is tiled!


When looking at getting a wetroom, a good wetroom kit is essential! You should research different wetroom kits as it is important that you choose the kit that is right for your design and installation! Read my other posts on wetroom for more information.

There are a wide selection of wet room kits available, but most wet room kits consist of a base, drain and a form of tanking (waterproofing). Most wetroom kits are designed to be in a tiles room with a tiled floor, however kits are available if you with to use a vinyl (or Altro) flooring.

Research online, which you probably already have if you are reading this post, and check out the range of kits available. A good start is to use one of the leading brands such are Abacus or Roman Showers and check out there kits. These kits are very good and very affordable and the wetroom kits are available to buy online.

I have used both kits are each kits has its pluses and minuses. Please read my post on wetroom kits compared.

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