My girly bathroom makeover

I talk allot about giving your bathroom a makeover, but I don’t really know much about the “Girly” aspect of a make over, I’m more function and form.
This post i found has some nice little “Girly” make over tips and tricky and some shabby sheek inspired design ideas that you can try for your self.
Why not head over and give it a read and see what you think.


On rainy days in which I’ve got time on my hands, it’s bound to happen: something in my apartment gets remodeled.

My teeny, tiny bathroom for three years had been all gold with red accents. I had brought the decorations with me from my parents’ house, and I grew to hate them. They were just so … meh.

Today, I love my bathroom. I’ve made excuses to just peek in and admire it. And I plan on having a looong bubble bath soon.

It’s mint and coral with touches of gold and pink and other pastels. So very girly.









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