Roman Limited

I love fitting Roman Shower, showers screen and shower enclosures. They fit first time and seal first time. They are one of the most straight forward showers to fit and the instructions included are easy to follow.

English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymrae...
English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymraeg: benyw gyda tywel mewn cawod (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roman Limited is a family owned company based in Newton Aycliffe Business Park, and was established in 1985 by the founder Gerry Osborne. Gerry took on the role as Roman’s company Chairman back in January 2006 and the position of Managing Director was handed over to his son, David Osborne. Roman is now the UK’s leading shower designer and manufacturer and employs over 160 staff. Following expansion in 2009 the Roman Brand now incorporates three main brands – Roman, Haven and Roman at Home.

The Roman product range covers high quality shower enclosures, stunningly contemporary wetroom panels, ingenious watertight bath screens, low level shower trays, state-of-the-art water delivery systems and a range of appealing bathroom accessories. Roman offers something for every sector within the showering market, from a price conscious range, through to the more exclusively designed showering solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

Standard Ranges: Our entry level range of showers feature bath screens, shower enclosures and shower trays. Roman don’t compromise on quality or asthetics in the Haven or Collage Rangeas even the lowest priced shower enclosures have a minimum of 4mm glass (5mm on bath screens) and timeless designed chrome finishes.

Designer Selection: Our mid-level range of shower enclosures include Embraceand Orbital styles. With sleek chrome styling, bath replacement sized enclosures and glass thicknesses ranging from 6-8mm throughout you are sure to find a luxury styled, but affordable design to suit your bathroom plans.

Luxury Living: If you are looking for a range to surpass the rest then head straight to our Desire and, Award Winning, Sculptures shower enclosureranges. Both offering a minimalistic design, frame-less styles and a minimum of 8mm glass.

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