The perfect color for bathroom

Lustrolite is a great way to add colour to your bathroom

Interior Design Ideas

Choosing the color of your bathroom is more than a fashion or style has to do directly with your tastes and preferences. This year they have become very fashionable super warm colors, like orange terracotta or red range.But eventually you have to choose you.

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Just as it is important when you choose the color of your bedroom, because it is a very personal space, at least I think so, the bathroom should give you a sense of relaxation and comfort . If you have trouble deciding on the color, can be inspired by an accessory or a towel you’;ve seen while you were shopping and got your attention.

If you prefer the traditional …

In particular, in the past decades, it was common to enter a bathroom and all the furniture along the walls and majolica were immaculately white . This gave a sense of total cleanliness and freshness. However, today many people associate it rather with a hospital environment…

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