Driveways and paving in York

I have been on a big job in York in the UK where i have ben fitting bathrooms to 2 houses on the same street for a land lord. TBH the bathroom wasn’t anything flash but the jobs involved ripping out the old bathroom and replacing with a new P shape bath and shower screen, shower and toilets etc. The client / Land Lord purchased the full set for less than £550 including all the taps through a contact i have in my local area called Rubber Duck Bathrooms and he purchased this Cheap Bathroom Suite.

Anyways, the bathroom fitting went to plan and I did bath bathrooms within a week.

While I was there the client was also getting new driveways and paving installed at the properties through a company called Yorkshire Direct Services. They were installing something called resin bond. Basically to me looked like nice small coloured gravel, mixed with a glue (resin) which is pored over a concrete drive/base and smoothed out and allowed to dry.

I have to say the lads within for Yorkshire Direct were nice blokes and the driveways and paves looked nice when they had finished. I said i would give them a shout out, well done York Shire Direct for a great driveway and paving in york!

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