Do I need to upgrade my Magnaclean Filter to a Magnaclean Professional 2?

Many of people say to me “I have an original Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted to my heating system, do I need to upgrade to the Magnaclean Professional 2?”, well in short NO YOU DON’T.

If you have a Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted on your heating system then your system is protected. The Magnaclean Professional 2 allows for faster installation and less clearances for cleaner/servicing of the filter. They both offer the same protection.

How ever if you have an old Magnaclean Professional that was fitted before the upgraded internal sleeve was developed, I would recommend fitting an upgrading the sleeve to your filter. The Sleeve looks as follows.



If you internal sleeve doesn’t have the larger area as shown on the bottom of this image, then you have the older Magnaclean and I would purchase a Magnaclean Professional upgrade sleeve which are available for both the 22mm filter and the 28mm filter for less than £20.

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