The difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

What is the difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

This is a question I often get asked…

1) An electric shower heats cold mains water as it passes by a heating element, similar to a kettle. They are connected to a mains water supply and an electrical supply. Electric showers are perfect for home without a gas supply or homes with stored/tanked water supply. You can also use these in home with a combi boiler as no hot supply is required.

2) A power shower is a pumped shower which will boost the water pressure if the water pressure is not high enough for a good flow from the shower head. It connects to CISTERN FED hot and cold supplies and can be thermostatically controlled. It delivers the mixed water at a good pressure to a shower head. Power shower require a hot and cold water feed and should not be fitted to a combi boiler system.

I hope this helps people.

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