Lustrolite Glacier High Gloss Wall Board Alternative

High gloss wall panels in bathrooms have become very popular over the last year with the introduction on Lustrolite and BNQs own version Vistelle. Over the last 6 months i have installed severial bathrooms (normally within a shower enclosure) with Lustrolite, and i have to say the over all look is amazing.

Lustrolite Glacier

The most popular colour by far seems to be the Glacier, so much so that Lustrolite and Vistelle have become out of stock of the larger 1200 x 2440 size boards. Fortunately I have been able to source an alternative product that is almost identical to Lustrolite of Vistelle called WetWall Acrylic made by the company who pioneered shower and bathroom wall boards…. WETWALL.

These board appear to have to same construction, can be cut in the same way and installed in the same manner. The only down side to the WetWall Acrylic is that there are no colour matched trims avaiable, but you can still use the Lustrolite trims.

So if you are looking for Lustrolite Glacier boards, then why not take a look at WetWall Acrylic Green Mist.

One thought on “Lustrolite Glacier High Gloss Wall Board Alternative

  1. We used Lustrolite (Glacier colour ones) in our last house and wanted to reproduce the really lovely effect again in our new property which has been a total refurb project. By chance, I found Lustrolite’s Glacier panels in Homebase (under the brand name of Stormwall and the Glacier colour named Aqua) with a recent discount in Oct 2014 of 15% off, which made them really well priced, although only available in quite a limited range of sizes, if I recall rightly. These were quite a bit cheaper than any Lustrolite price I could find. I had a “genuine” Lustrolite sample which I compared with the Homebase sample and they were identical and both 4mm thick. I also recognised other colours in Homebase’s samples from Lustrolite’s range so it must be the same product, rebranded for Homebase.

    Incidentally, a handy tip that worked well for us in our last house, was to paint the walls at the corners or anywhere where there are joins,with Crown’s Oxygen colour paint and then use clear silicone over the top to seal the joints. The colour match of the Oxygen paint and Lustrolite Glacier panels is pretty much spot-on and saves buying expensive joining strips. The downside with Homebase’s “Stormwall” version of Lustrolite is that they don’t seem to sell an equivalent installation kit. It was through searching for the best online price for Lustrolite’s installation kit that I stumbled upon this article and thought it might be helpful to share our finds/experience! Hope this is of interest to others!

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