Fitting A Comfort Height Toilet With Bathroom Furniture

Fitting a comfort height toilet with bathroom furniture has been a problem for me, and other bathroom designer and installers, for many years. Comfort height BTW toilets have been available to buy but have always been trouble or even unable to be installed on furniture. But not any more!

Comfort Height Toilets, also known as raise height toilets, offer a toilet pan that is height than a standard toilet. This makes going to the toilet more comfortable for taller people and for the elderly.

When installing a higher toilet this mean that the flush inlet hole is also raised, this in turn means that the cistern had to be raised, this would mean that the top of the cistern would often sit higher than the worktop height on furniture not allowing it to fit correctly. The only options would then be to cut the flush pipe to a length which was unworkable or to raise the entire run of furniture and add higher height plinths. This would then also raise the height of the basin which could then be hard to lean over making brushing of teeth and washing of faces uneasy.

But Not Anymore!

Tavistock, the makers of the popular Vortex Concealed Cistern, have been working with designers and installers from Roper Rhodes to develop a comfort height concealed cistern. This slimline dual flush concealed cistern has been specially designed and developed for use with comfort height back to wall toilets. When fitting a comfort height toilet with furniture it is difficult or impossible (depending on height of the furniture) to install a standard concealed cistern. This comfort height concealed cistern with it bottom entry inlet allow for easy installation of comfort height toilets with furniture.

Source: Fitting A Comfort Height Toilet With Bathroom Furniture

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