Why use Shower Panels over tiles?

When it comes to designing bathrooms, we know that tiles are considered the ‘obvious’ choice for your walls. But we thought it was time to balance the scales and make sure that you know about the quicker, easier, and cleaner alternative: shower panels.

The popularity of shower panels has been gaining momentum over the past 20 years as homeowners have learned about the new technology and innovative designs of modern panels. Not only can they create sleek, hygienic shower enclosures but they’re also the driving force behind the demand for wet rooms. So, below we’ve wrapped up all of the advantages of shower panels to make sure we can answer that growing question: are shower panels really the better alternative to tiles? 

We think yes – but of course, we’re biased. So here are four huge advantages of shower panels over tiles that will help bring you over to our side of the fence: 

1.They will save you money.

On average, you can save up to 25% on shower panels vs tiles. That makes some sense though; not only do you only need two or three panels vs multiple tiles, but the longevity of our products means that there’s a saving on the full life cost, too. Don’t forget we also offer a 15-year watertight guarantee for that extra peace of mind*!  

2. No grout = no mould

Shower panels are individual sheets, fixed to the wall using adhesive and finished with either trims or colour compatible sealant. That means that there’s no need for grout, which in turn eliminates the breeding ground that tiles offer for mould. With our Elite Range, you don’t even need trims, creating a seamless sophisticated look. 2. They are quicker to install

If you think of tiling a shower enclosure as a 300-piece puzzle, then installing shower panels is an easy-peasy 3 piece puzzle. The maths there is quite simple to work out which is quicker to complete.
For you, that helps your installer get in and out quicker, meaning your bathroom gets back to being your bathroom sooner. Plus, you don’t need a specialist tiler to do the work, any tradesperson will be able to fit and install your panels!

3. They’re then easier and cleaner to maintain

No grubby grout lines means no endless scrubbing. With their non-porous surface, shower panels can be cleaned using normal soap, water and a soft cloth. A selection of our panels are also available in our patented Mermaid Antibacterial Coating which further enhances this cleanliness. The antibacterial coating is incorporated into the panel during the production process and kills bacteria as it comes into contact with the surface. 

While we’re here, lets debunk a few myths:

1.Shower Panels won’t last as long as tiles.

  • Not true.

At Mermaid Panels, we offer panels in a wide range of materials from 100% waterproof core in our Mermaid Elite range, to our Acrylic or Composite Range. Even if you were to choose a more affordable shower panel, it does not mean lower quality. All of our Mermaid Shower Panels are covered with our 15-year watertight guarantee. That means that our panels will not crack, blister or delaminate and remain watertight for 15 years, giving you peace of mind*. 

2. Traditional bathroom looks can’t be achieved with modern wall panels

  1. Not true!

Yes, shower panels are the modern alternative to tiles; they’re innovative in their technology and ability to save you both time and money, however that is not at the cost of a traditional look. Our shower panels are even available in a metro tile pattern which results in the traditional look for you, with the convenience and benefits that shower panels bring. It’s the best of both! 

3. I don’t have as much design flexibility with shower panels

  1. You guessed it: not true!

Our shower panels are available in a wide range of decors including stone, marble, patterned and even tile effect. That means you can create any look for your bathroom, from modern, to traditional or even urban – we have the shower panel that will fit your vision. We even have wood style panels that can create a tranquil spa effect in your own bathroom! 

So, we might be slightly biased in our preference for shower panels but it’s not hard to see why. Take a look at our full range to find the best panel for your bathroom, and if you have any more questions, we’re always here to help! Get in touch. 

*Our 15-year watertight guarantee is only valid if panels are fitted and sealed correctly in accordance with our fitting guidelines. See the full terms and conditions here: https://www.mermaidpanels.co.uk/shower-panel-information/guarantee/ 

Where to buy Mermaid Panels: https://www.rubberduckbathrooms.co.uk/mermaid-laminate-panels

Source: https://mermaidpanels.co.uk/blog/jskswg43bky2jswxogf41yhmq400mc

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