Close Coupled Toilets – Whitch to choose

Closed Coupled Toilets, Are You Confused?

A close coupled toilet is what most people would have in mind when thinking about toilets in general. They fit nicely in every type of bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom; so if in doubt this is almost always a safe option. That said, when it comes to close coupled toilets, you do need to bear in mind what kind of waste your bathroom has and where it is located. Where this is will often answer your next question, do you need an open or closed back?

Close Coupled Closed Back Toilet

Closed Back Toilet

Closed back toilet hide the waste fittings and make less areas for dirt to collect.

If the waste from your toilet runs straight out of the wall behind it or into the floor underneath it, you should comfortably be able to fit a closed back toilet. These are a very popular choice for customers looking for sleek lines and slick finish. They are also much easier to maintain and keep clean. The lack of a gap behind the toilet means you will not have to keep cleaning away dust and moisture on a regular basis.

Close Coupled Open Back Toilet

open back toilet

If the waste pipe coming from your toilet does not go directly out of the wall behind it or into the floor underneath it, it is highly likely you will need an open back toilet. These have a small gap (usually about 13cm) at the back of the toilet to allow the waste to run away. There are a few ways you can hide this waste if you do need to have an open back toilet. The usual way is to hide it with a furniture run; bathroom furniture has a gap built into the back of the units for this very reason. Alternatively, you could box it in and cover it with wall panels or tiles so that it blends in with the rest of the room.

Comfort Height Colosed Couple Toilets

Closed coupled toilest can come in Comfort height or raised height which have a higher toilet pan than normal, increasing the sitting height of the user. Comfort height toilets are designed for certain users, ensuring that the bowl and seat height is such that they make for comfortable use. Typically comfort height or raised height toilets range from 17 to 19 inches and can be particularly useful for the elderly, and people with mobility issues.

We hope you find this information on Closed Coupled Toilets helpful.

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