Lustrolite Glacier High Gloss Wall Board Alternative

High gloss wall panels in bathrooms have become very popular over the last year with the introduction on Lustrolite and BNQs own version Vistelle. Over the last 6 months i have installed severial bathrooms (normally within a shower enclosure) with Lustrolite, and i have to say the over all look is amazing.


Lustrolite Glacier

The most popular colour by far seems to be the Glacier, so much so that Lustrolite and Vistelle have become out of stock of the larger 1200 x 2440 size boards. Fortunately I have been able to source an alternative product that is almost identical to Lustrolite of Vistelle called WetWall Acrylic made by the company who pioneered shower and bathroom wall boards…. WETWALL.

These board appear to have to same construction, can be cut in the same way and installed in the same manner. The only down side to the WetWall Acrylic is that there are no colour matched trims avaiable, but you can still use the Lustrolite trims.

So if you are looking for Lustrolite Glacier boards, then why not take a look at WetWall Acrylic Green Mist.

When im fitting a bathrooms, either with a shower or a bath or even a shower bath I always fit a AquaStrap to guarantee the installation.

AquaStrap is a leading up-stand seal used for sealing a shower tray/pan or bath tub. For those people installing a new shower tray or bath who prefer an exposed silicone joint to an extruded profile, AquaStrap will remain watertight in the event of the silicone seal leaking through joint movement or natural deterioration.

AquaStrap seals accommodate the technical challenges of modern hi-use hi-performance shower environments, the aesthetic preferences of our customers and the recommendations of recognised national building standard authorities worldwide.

As said I always use a Aquastrap to seal in both shower trays and baths.

Aquastraps are available from most places as well as Aquastrap for sale online.

For more information visit

Looking to change your bathrooms?

Are you thinking of changing your bathroom? Don’t know where to beguine?

If your thinking of getting a new bathroom there are two ways you can go, you can either visit a bathrooms showroom and hire them to design and install your bathroom from start to finish, or you can DIY  it.

These two main way each have there plus and minuses. The plus to going to a showroom is that you can get the job done in one place from start to finish with very little time or hastle for your self. You bathroom will also be backed with a guarantee if anything were to go wrong…. or leak. The minus to this is, this may be costly depending on the company you are dealing with. This cost is down to the time and effort the staff and team at the showroom put into your project.

The the other way is the DIY route. This can be less expensive than using a company/showroom to do your bathroom, however you will have to do allot of the leg work your self including buying the equipments, supplies, tiles, floor, bathroom suit, accessories etc etc etc before then removing your old bathroom, prepping the room, then fitting the new suite and installing the fixtures and fitting. You may also need to purchase a skip or van to remove the old suit and rubbish from your home. You also have no guarantees with your fitting and any leaks and damage caused may not be cover by your home insurance (unless you are a qualified plumber). So you may want to consider this when deciding to go full DIY.

The Third Option!

There is a third option when it come to bathroom installing and design…. You can do a mix of the two types. You can visit the showrooms and get inspiration then purchase the equipment your self either from a online bathroom retailer  then design the bathroom your self using a program like the free frontline bathroom designer  then have a qualified plumber come and install the bathroom for you. This way can also be more time consuming with searching for products, designing your room your self then finding a qualified fitted who gives you a good quote and is experienced and reliable. But the financial saving can be great.

Hot N Cold Art

When designing a bathroom, I get my main inspiration from my customer and there requirements. sometime a get more of a free run with things and I get inspiration for the colours of the bathroom from Art around the customers home. But I had never though of turning my bathrooms into art.
In this post there is a great idea of some bathroom inspired art that the writer had purchased and hung in their bathroom. I had never though of something like this, but now i think about it, why not! why couldn’t you do this.
Think about it, each item in yout batjhroom, your taps, bath, shower etc have had years of design and development and many taps and brassware are little functional art sculptures of there own. It only make sence that a artistic photograph of your bathroom would make art!

What do you think??

chez sharah

After taking a little summer break, I am back into the swing of blogging!

As I was perusing the aisles of Michael’s a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon these cute prints that are perfect artwork for any bathroom:


I framed them using inexpensive silver frames from Target (I think the frames were $14.99 each). I chose these frames because they already came with mats – it looks like custom framing without the price and hassle.

I hung them side by side in the basement bathroom which is mainly used by overnight guests:


My philosophy on art is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or original to have a high impact in your home. Of course, if collecting art is a passion or hobby, fill your boots. For the majority who can’t (or don’t want to) afford the high price tag that comes with collecting unique and original pieces…

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My girly bathroom makeover

I talk allot about giving your bathroom a makeover, but I don’t really know much about the “Girly” aspect of a make over, I’m more function and form.
This post i found has some nice little “Girly” make over tips and tricky and some shabby sheek inspired design ideas that you can try for your self.
Why not head over and give it a read and see what you think.


On rainy days in which I’ve got time on my hands, it’s bound to happen: something in my apartment gets remodeled.

My teeny, tiny bathroom for three years had been all gold with red accents. I had brought the decorations with me from my parents’ house, and I grew to hate them. They were just so … meh.

Today, I love my bathroom. I’ve made excuses to just peek in and admire it. And I plan on having a looong bubble bath soon.

It’s mint and coral with touches of gold and pink and other pastels. So very girly.









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Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection

Sofie Allsopp has recently releases an insprational guide on showering and bathroom design on the Mira Showers website. This post entitled Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection – Mira Showers is a great read for anyone looking for inspiration and design ideas.

For those of you who don’t know who Sofie Allsopp is, she is the television presenter of the BBC’s Unsellables UK, and has recently finished filming the 3rd series of the Canadian edition for HGTV.

Why not have a read of the post.



Decorate your bathroom Today For A Better Bathroom Tomorrow

There’s nothing more depressing than a tired and tatty bathroom. When your bathroom is bright, clean and fresh it’s a pleasure to use. If it’s a little frayed around the edges it can mean you don’t enjoy relaxing in your bath because you spend your time noticing the wear and tear.

Many people put off decorating their bathroom because they feel it’s going to be a huge expense and a lot of stress and hassle. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you spend a little time planning your new bathroom it can be done quickly, easily and for a reasonable price.

Firstly, consider if you really need to change that bathroom suite? Perhaps yours is unfashionable avocado or even pink or blue. If that’s the case then sometimes only a new white suite will do. Well, don’t panic because you can find lots of exceptional and well priced bathroom suites on the internet and as long as you are not moving their position within your bathroom they should be pretty quick and easy to install.

If you don’t want to change your bathroom suite then you could consider changing what’s around it by, for example, fitting anew floor, changing your shower door, changing the handles on bathroom furniture or even giving the place a lick of paint.

If you want to go for something really fresh and original but don’t want the hassle of tiling, you could consider a product like multiPANEL. These panels are finished in laminate and come in various sizes, so a wall which could take days to tile can take only a couple of hours to cover. You can buy multiPANEL in an array of styles and finishes so whether you like the look of opulent marble, a trendy sparkle effect or ultra modern aluminium you’ll be amazed at the fantastic finish that this product can give you.

Even small changes can make a big difference in your bathroom. For example changing your bathroom accessories and towels. Making sure that all your bathroom accessories, furniture and towels match can be the element that brings your whole bathroom together and makes it seem much more cohesive.

If your bathroom is bringing you down then it’s definitely time to decorate. It may take a little motivation to get the job done but when you are relaxing in your gleaming new boutique style bathroom you’ll be so glad that you took the time to do a great job.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating your bathroom can seem like a big expense and a lot of hassle. Particularly if you are ripping out your existing bathroom suite and replacing it with a new one.

But giving your bathroom a fresh new look doesn’t have to be hard. You can completely transform your bathing space quickly and effectively. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Firstly, think about your bathroom accessories. You can really brighten up a tired bathroom by adding some lively bright coloured towels, bathmats and matching them in with your other accessories such as your toothbrush holders and bathroom cabinets.

If you’re feeling really brave you can even choose a signature wall and give it a coat of bright paint.

If you’ve got an old bathroom suite in those favourite colours of the 1970’s – Avacado, pink, turquoise or even brown, then instead of lamenting it, why not embrace it. Just choose your wall coverings and accessories to match. If you get it right you could end up with a really unique space that people will love.

If you really don’t want to rip out that old suite, then why not consider swapping your shower curtains for a shower door. It can transform your bathroom and give it a much smarter appearance.

If you have bare walls you could always re-tile with something a little more interesting. There are a myriad of tile options to choose from, so if you want to create something a bit more quirky you could go for fishy tiles or even a mosaic.

If tiling’s not for you then how about a mural? You can find lots of reliable mural painters on the net who will create a bespoke piece of art just for you. Just imagine bathing surrounded by a tropical seascape or roman ruins.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, but want to change the look of your walls, why not consider a product like Multipanel. It’s plywood core wall panelling that comes laminated in over 30 different colours. It can be attached to a wall very quickly and easily with wooden batons and is completely water tight if installed correctly.



This stylish wood panelling is certainly a lot easier to install than tiles and gives a very sophisticated boutique hotel look to your bathroom. You can choose a colour that ties in perfectly with your bathroom accessories and reflects your taste. You can even match it in with your flooring.

So remember, if you’re considering changing the face of your bathroom, it doesn’t have to be hell. Try one of these ideas and you’ll soon be relaxing in the bathroom of your dreams.