Looking to change your bathrooms?

Are you thinking of changing your bathroom? Don’t know where to beguine?

If your thinking of getting a new bathroom there are two ways you can go, you can either visit a bathrooms showroom and hire them to design and install your bathroom from start to finish, or you can DIY  it.

These two main way each have there plus and minuses. The plus to going to a showroom is that you can get the job done in one place from start to finish with very little time or hastle for your self. You bathroom will also be backed with a guarantee if anything were to go wrong…. or leak. The minus to this is, this may be costly depending on the company you are dealing with. This cost is down to the time and effort the staff and team at the showroom put into your project.

The the other way is the DIY route. This can be less expensive than using a company/showroom to do your bathroom, however you will have to do allot of the leg work your self including buying the equipments, supplies, tiles, floor, bathroom suit, accessories etc etc etc before then removing your old bathroom, prepping the room, then fitting the new suite and installing the fixtures and fitting. You may also need to purchase a skip or van to remove the old suit and rubbish from your home. You also have no guarantees with your fitting and any leaks and damage caused may not be cover by your home insurance (unless you are a qualified plumber). So you may want to consider this when deciding to go full DIY.

The Third Option!

There is a third option when it come to bathroom installing and design…. You can do a mix of the two types. You can visit the showrooms and get inspiration then purchase the equipment your self either from a online bathroom retailer  then design the bathroom your self using a program like the free frontline bathroom designer  then have a qualified plumber come and install the bathroom for you. This way can also be more time consuming with searching for products, designing your room your self then finding a qualified fitted who gives you a good quote and is experienced and reliable. But the financial saving can be great.

Driveways and paving in York

I have been on a big job in York in the UK where i have ben fitting bathrooms to 2 houses on the same street for a land lord. TBH the bathroom wasn’t anything flash but the jobs involved ripping out the old bathroom and replacing with a new P shape bath and shower screen, shower and toilets etc. The client / Land Lord purchased the full set for less than £550 including all the taps through a contact i have in my local area called Rubber Duck Bathrooms and he purchased this Cheap Bathroom Suite.

Anyways, the bathroom fitting went to plan and I did bath bathrooms within a week.

While I was there the client was also getting new driveways and paving installed at the properties through a company called Yorkshire Direct Services. They were installing something called resin bond. Basically to me looked like nice small coloured gravel, mixed with a glue (resin) which is pored over a concrete drive/base and smoothed out and allowed to dry.

I have to say the lads within for Yorkshire Direct were nice blokes and the driveways and paves looked nice when they had finished. I said i would give them a shout out, well done York Shire Direct for a great driveway and paving in york!

Professional Carpet Cleaning = Massive Improvement

I was fitting a new bathroom earlier in the week for a customer of mine, the new bathroom was a standard bathroom consisting of a toilet pan and cistern, sink and pedistol, a 1700mm bath with a shower screen and shower head fed from the mixer tap.

This bathroom was for a home that was to be rented out and when turning up to the job I did my standard job or laying down dust sheets as to not stain the carpets when walking through the house and removing the old outdated “Green” bathroom.

When laying the dust sheets I couldn’t but think to my self, “God these carpets are filthy” ….”do I really need to be worried about staining then?” never the less I laid my dust sheet and started with the rip out.

The customer came round during the day and noticed my dust sheets and said…”you don’t need then the carpets are already dirty…. I’m getting them cleaned next week” think to my self “You never get them clean” seem the sheets were already down I continued and removed the old bathroom suit and tiles from the walls before sighting my new plumbing and repairing the walls with a quick skim read for retiling.

I returned the next day to fit the new suite, this time not bothering with my dust sheets as the customer had told me not to worry and the dirty work had been done the day before. I got the suit fitted and finished for the day, The tilers was coming the next day to tile the room and I was to return today to do the final touches, like hand the shower head, shower screen etc. As I turned up there was another van there from a carpet cleaning company, I though to my self “They are early “being only 8:45am, when entering the property the own and the cleaning company were talking and I Introduced myself. We had a bit of banter and all the normal plumbing jokes etc when I said “I wouldn’t like your job cleaning these carpets, doubt these will come clean” to which the carpet cleans looked at each other confused and said”when you mean this is a simple job!” “yeah right” I said.

I went up to the bathroom and started the final fitting when I heard a hoover start. I thought a hoover is never going to clean that. After about half hour the hoover stopped so i thought i would go have a look, nothing had changed they had simply hoovered… “See” I said “You not even touched it” to which they said, “we not started yet we just hoovered the pet hair and the muck up”, so stayed to watch what they were doing while nipping back to finish my little jobs. I have never seen someone take so much time over a carpet!

First they already hoovered it, then them combed/raked it with a stiff brush tool, hooved the carpet again, spot treated the stains, then sprayed the dirty path marks with cleaner, they then combed/brushed the carpet again before they got this darlic looking vacuum out. They told m it sucks up at over 100psi while shooting hot water and steam down into the carpet. I was supervised! Straight away, after just the first run over you could see the carpet was clean!, They continued round the whole room, before going round again (I believe to suck up more water). Then combed/brushed the carpet again all in the same direction and placed a drying fan in the middle of the room.

THE CARPET WASH LIKE NEW! I couldn’t believe it! Granted it had took them about 3 hours to do the room but a job well done! Don’t know what the machine was called but I really exterminated the dirt and stains in the carpet. I never asked how much they had charge our customer but I did get their name. They worked for a company called Class Carpets, Carpet Cleaners,  www.classcarpets.co.uk and I have to say, I would recommend them to anyone with a carpeted floor!