When im fitting a bathrooms, either with a shower or a bath or even a shower bath I always fit a AquaStrap to guarantee the installation. AquaStrap is a leading up-stand seal used for sealing a shower tray/pan or bath tub. For those people installing a new shower tray or bath who prefer an exposed silicone […]

How to make a wetroom

This video shows how to make and install a wetroom. In this video it show how a level floor wetroom is created using a level access wetroom kit by Abacus Direct. In previous posts I have talked about what a wetroom is and why tanking a wetroom is essential. I have posted a tutorial video […]

Upgrade your old MagnaClean Filter

If you have an old MagnaClean Professional Filter, you can upgrade you exsisting filter the next time you clean your magnet with a Magnaclean Sheath Upgrade kit. A new retrofit sheath gives UK installers the opportunity to offer more than a million customers a quick-fix upgrade to their existing central heating system protection. Manufacturer ADEY Professional […]

Magnaclean Professional 2

Abey, the makers of MagnaClean, have recently launch a new MagnaClean professional filter to replace the existing Magnaclean…….. The Magnaclean Professional 2 Abey say that the New MagnaClean Professional 2 improves installation with a new Rapid in-line installation while still providing exceptional central heating protection. The New Magnaclean Professional 2 offers some new benifits including: NEW […]

Fitting a MagnaClean Filter

Normally I talk about bathrooms and fitting bathrooms and wetrooms, but this week i was asked about fitting a MagnaClean filter for someone while I was working on the bathroom. Also see my post about Magnaclean Filters With a MagnaClean filter being fitted to the heating system, many people think you need a heating engineer […]

What is a MagnaClean Filter??

MagnaClean fiters essentally are a large powerful magnet, housed i a water tight chamber that fits inline of you centre heating system. This Magnet catches all magnetic rubbish that is going around in your central heating systems water. MagnaCleans trading line is “Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protection” MagnaClean® Professional, By Adey, sets […]