When im fitting a bathrooms, either with a shower or a bath or even a shower bath I always fit a AquaStrap to guarantee the installation.

AquaStrap is a leading up-stand seal used for sealing a shower tray/pan or bath tub. For those people installing a new shower tray or bath who prefer an exposed silicone joint to an extruded profile, AquaStrap will remain watertight in the event of the silicone seal leaking through joint movement or natural deterioration.

AquaStrap seals accommodate the technical challenges of modern hi-use hi-performance shower environments, the aesthetic preferences of our customers and the recommendations of recognised national building standard authorities worldwide.

As said I always use a Aquastrap to seal in both shower trays and baths.

Aquastraps are available from most places as well as Aquastrap for sale online.

For more information visit www.aquastrap.com

Do I need to upgrade my Magnaclean Filter to a Magnaclean Professional 2?

Many of people say to me “I have an original Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted to my heating system, do I need to upgrade to the Magnaclean Professional 2?”, well in short NO YOU DON’T.

If you have a Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted on your heating system then your system is protected. The Magnaclean Professional 2 allows for faster installation and less clearances for cleaner/servicing of the filter. They both offer the same protection.

How ever if you have an old Magnaclean Professional that was fitted before the upgraded internal sleeve was developed, I would recommend fitting an upgrading the sleeve to your filter. The Sleeve looks as follows.



If you internal sleeve doesn’t have the larger area as shown on the bottom of this image, then you have the older Magnaclean and I would purchase a Magnaclean Professional upgrade sleeve which are available for both the 22mm filter and the 28mm filter for less than £20.

Fitting a Magnaclean Professional 2

If you have read any of my other past posts, you may have read my post about the Magnaclean Professional Filter and how to fit one, well since writing that post, Adey who manufacture Magnaclean have since launched the Magnaclean Professional 2 which is  even easier to install and fit and can be fitted in less than half an hour, well the actual fitting time is about 10 mins which you  will read about further on.

The main difference between the Magnaclean Professional 2 and the original Magnaclean Professional if the fitting valves. They both perform as good as each other and perform the same task, meaning if you already have a Magnaclean Professional one fitted, you DO NOT need to upgrade to the Magnaclean Professional 2, how ever if you have an old Magnaclean Professional, read my post on upgrading your Magnaclean.

The Fitting of the MagnaClean Professional 2 required no soldering of pipes like the original required. The Professional 2 now only requires a pipe cutter and spanner to install it. The revolutionary slip fitting allows the installer to simple remove 150mm of pipe from the flow or return pipe (pref the return pipe) and slip on the fitting and olives and tighten in place. This only takes around 10 mins to perform. How ever before installing you are required to drain down the system and re instate once installed.

To reinstate your system Magnaclean advice using MagnaClean MC1 Protector Fluid which is designed especially for Adey’s MagnaClean for Central Heating Systems, but is suitable for other heating systems. MC1 Protector Fluid is a high performance chemical inhibitor that prevents system corrosion and scale that provides long term system protection.

I have personally fitted one to my own central heating system with ease and have seen a massive improvements in the temperature of my radiators and have removed a large amount of dirt from my system that would have just clogged my boiler and radiators.


The above photos shows the result of fitting a Magnaclean Filter to my central heating system for only 12 hours. In only 12 hours which only 4 hours of which the system was running (as was over night).

Add Elegance with new bathrooms taps

Bathroom taps play a very important role in adding a new look to any bathroom. The taps should be selected keeping in mind the interior décor or finish of the bathroom. Taps are made from a range of materials and are priced accordingly. Brass is the standard metal used for making bathroom taps. There are several types of taps available in the market, many are audience specific. Office, restaurant, home and public restrooms have different specifications and requirements. It is very important to select a tap that is aligned with your particular specifications and requirements, along with your tastes and preferences.

Water dropping from a tap.

Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bathroom Taps: Types
Bathroom taps come in various configurations and with different applications. They may be categorised as follows:
Bath mixer taps: Bath mixer taps are used to mix cold and hot water supply into a single pipe spout. Most bath mixers have a knob that can divert water to a shower that is mounted overhead or to a bracket with a hand-based shower. Mixers come in traditional and contemporary designs. They are apt for low pressure and for providing a bracket for the shower. These taps are home specific.
Basin taps: These taps are essential bathroom fittings that come in a variety of designs and finishes. They are usually fitted to a bathroom basin, hand basin or cloakroom basin. They come with a long or extra spout and a long or short neck, and can be customised. Basin taps are available with both lever handle and cross handle. These taps are fundamental for all bathroom setups.
Bib taps: Bib taps are pillar taps and have a long neck. They are traditionally installed in bathrooms and kitchens. These taps fit well with sinks or basins of all styles. They are relatively easy to install and do not have any complex plumbing involved. They also come in standpipes and wall mounted settings. They are apt for a home setup.
Sink taps: Sink taps are minimal style taps that complete the contemporary bathroom. They come in a range of different styles and have a sturdy look and feel. There are several options available, from dual flow models to straightforward hot or cold delivery models. These taps are essential in setting up office, restaurant and public bathrooms.

Bathroom Taps: Factors to Consider Before Buying
Bathroom taps are made of different materials, have various finishes and come in a variety of styles. However, there are certain essential aspects that one must consider while buying bathroom taps. These are:
Efficiency: The main purpose of a tap is to ensure a smooth and continuous flow of water. Taps are designed acknowledging the shortage of water faced across the globe. Be sure to check their water-saving ability.
User friendly: Taps should not be very complex. The required functions, such as the desired mix of hot and cold water, should be easy to set.
Configuration: Taps come with various configurations, including single lever, double lever and double mixer. Each type of tap has its advantages and disadvantages. Make sure you have thought about the advantageous you desire.
Style: The style factor plays a major role. Taps are available in brass, copper, nickel, polished chrome and ceramics.

An array of bathroom taps are available and can even be purchased online. I order allot of my taps for my customers through a local supplier called rubberduckbathrooms.co.uk who I can not praise enough. You are able to search, compare and select bathroom taps from all leading manufacturers and can deliver to UK.

How to make a wetroom

This video shows how to make and install a wetroom. In this video it show how a level floor wetroom is created using a level access wetroom kit by Abacus Direct.

In previous posts I have talked about what a wetroom is and why tanking a wetroom is essential.

I have posted a tutorial video before showing the tanking process using Roman Shield by Roman Showers but I also found this video by Abacus Direct which shows a similar method to the Roman Shield tanking but uses waterproof boards instead of making plaster boards and wooden floors waterproof with chemicals.

What I like about this video is that it shows the method of fitting a preformed wetroom floor tray and waste.

Upgrade your old MagnaClean Filter

If you have an old MagnaClean Professional Filter, you can upgrade you exsisting filter the next time you clean your magnet with a Magnaclean Sheath Upgrade kit.


A new retrofit sheath gives UK installers the opportunity to offer more than a million customers a quick-fix upgrade to their existing central heating system protection.

Manufacturer ADEY Professional Heating Solutions has launched its sheath upgrade kit to deliver an instant enhancement to its existing award winningMagnaClean 22mm and 28mm filters.

According to research, the market leading MagnaClean magnetic filtration brand is the most effective filter when it comes to combating system sludge. The new sheath has been designed to incorporate a smart non-magnetic debris capture device at its base increasing its overall effectiveness in maintaining central heating systems.

Existing MagnaClean sheaths are simply upgraded at the normal service interval or during routine system maintenance.

“The industry’s number one magnetic filter for protecting central heating systems from damaging iron oxide sludge just got even better with this latest advance,” explains Sales Director Roger Williams.

“More than a million MagnaClean filters are already in operation protecting central heating systems throughout the country. The beauty of the new sheath upgrade is that following a simple retrofit, customers will benefit from the most effective magnetic and non-magnetic system maintenance available and they don’t need to replace the complete filter.”

“It’s literally a two-minute job to remove and discard the old sheath and replace it with the upgrade sheath. Installers can keep them on the van and we’ve also included a seal service pack for added value.”

The easy install upgrade sheath is designed for any pipework configuration and is available from all leading merchants.

Magnaclean Professional 2

Abey, the makers of MagnaClean, have recently launch a new MagnaClean professional filter to replace the existing Magnaclean…….. The Magnaclean Professional 2


Abey say that the New MagnaClean Professional 2 improves installation with a new Rapid in-line installation while still providing exceptional central heating protection.

The New Magnaclean Professional 2 offers some new benifits including:

  • NEW in-line installation – In just two minutes
  • NEW versatile installation options
  • NEW compact installation for tight spaces
  • NEW low profile drain valve – Easier servicing and dosing
  • NEW improved valves – Greater reliability
  • NEW twin reverse flow – Maximising debris capture
  • NEW improved sheath design – Dual non-magnetic capture
  • NEW rapid fit connectors for faster servicing
  • NEW high perfomance seals
  • NEW air vent assembly

MagnaClean® Professional2 has been developed by the industry leading company that pioneered magnetic filtration. ADEY’s filters are already protecting nearly 1.5 million heating systems in UK homes removing virtually 100% of the damaging suspended black iron oxide sludge that builds up in all central heating systems.

The in-line, push-fit, filter not only extends the operational life of the central heating system, it reduces maintenance and heating energy bills as well as reducing carbon emissions.

The versatile filter also enables multiple installation options with a removable spacer positioned between the valves.

If you already have a Magnaclean Professional fitted, I wouldn’t rush out to buy a new Magnaclean professional 2 as the original still offers great protection, how ever if your MagnaClean one of the early MagnaCleans I would advise upgrading with an MagnaClean Upgrade Sheath for added protection, these are available for very little money, click here to read more on this upgrade.

Fitting a MagnaClean Filter

Normally I talk about bathrooms and fitting bathrooms and wetrooms, but this week i was asked about fitting a MagnaClean filter for someone while I was working on the bathroom.

Also see my post about Magnaclean Filters

With a MagnaClean filter being fitted to the heating system, many people think you need a heating engineer or in the UK a GASSAFE Registered plumber to fit one, how ever this is wrong. The MagnaClean filter fit on the water side of a boilers flow and return pipes (preferable the return pipe). Meaning no gas or boiler alterations are required, meaning a normal plumber can install them.

I found the installation of the MagnaClean filter straight forward and easy to install.

What is a MagnaClean Filter??

MagnaClean fiters essentally are a large powerful magnet, housed i a water tight chamber that fits inline of you centre heating system. This Magnet catches all magnetic rubbish that is going around in your central heating systems water.

MagnaCleans trading line is “Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protection”

MagnaClean® Professional, By Adey, sets an industry standard for plumbing and heating engineers when it comes to protecting and maintaining both new and existing heating systems.


Why have MagnaClean?

We live in an age of high efficiency boilers, but for many years little attention has been placed on the cleanliness of central heating systems.

The majority of systems suffer from black iron oxide contamination, which creates thick sludge deposits that are the result of corrosion taking place within radiators and other metallic components. The oxide particles can range from very large to sub-micron, with the latter leaching into the system water continuously during use. These particles bond to all components, often causing premature failure of pumps and valves. When they contaminate the boiler heat exchanger and pipework, dramatic efficiency losses result. Tests have shown that even a minimal build up results in a serious drop in boiler efficiency!

The Magnaclean filter will provide many years of protection, maintaining the high efficiency of your heating system, resulting in financial benefit and increased reliability, and is backed by a two year limited guarantee.