Showerwall Panels are becoming more popular – but how do you fit them?

Showerwall boards and bathroom cladding is becoming more and more popular in the bathroom industry with both professional installer and DIYers, but how exactally do you install them?


There are a number of different wall panel manufactures and brands out there and lot and lots of different ranges to choose from, so depending on the type of wall boarding you have chosen, the installation method can vary.

Showerwall who are one of the largest manufacturers of bathroom wall boards have created the below how to video guide to help installers and DIYers to learn and understand the installation process.

I thought i would share this video with your all in hope you found it helpful and educational. If you would like more information on ShowerWall please visit their website.

The difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

What is the difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

This is a question I often get asked…

1) An electric shower heats cold mains water as it passes by a heating element, similar to a kettle. They are connected to a mains water supply and an electrical supply. Electric showers are perfect for home without a gas supply or homes with stored/tanked water supply. You can also use these in home with a combi boiler as no hot supply is required.

2) A power shower is a pumped shower which will boost the water pressure if the water pressure is not high enough for a good flow from the shower head. It connects to CISTERN FED hot and cold supplies and can be thermostatically controlled. It delivers the mixed water at a good pressure to a shower head. Power shower require a hot and cold water feed and should not be fitted to a combi boiler system.

I hope this helps people.

Roman Launch New Range


Roman Showers, from Newton Aycliffe,have recently launched a new range of shower screen and enclosures to there already extensive range.

The new Roman Showers Decem range of shower enclosures adds a new dimension to showering.


What makes Decem Shower screens and enclosure range different is the hardware and handle options on offer. You can choose between curved or square hardware (handles and hinges) to create your own desired effect.

Choose between a variety of Hinged Door Shower Enclosures, which are available in various sizes and configurations, through to our stylish Wetroom Panels, with optional return panel and the choice of exposed or concealed profiles. Completing the range is our Decem 10mm thick glass Hinged Bath Screen.

The Decem collection has been meticulously designed and engineered by Roman Design experts. Who have brought combined components of the highest quality; with 10mm thick toughened glass, chromed brass hardware, self-closing hinges and minimalist framing to create a design perspective.

Products from the range stand at a magnificent height of 2000mm, to create a real statement in your bathroom space.

For More Information Visit

Roman Limited

I love fitting Roman Shower, showers screen and shower enclosures. They fit first time and seal first time. They are one of the most straight forward showers to fit and the instructions included are easy to follow.

English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymrae...

English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymraeg: benyw gyda tywel mewn cawod (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roman Limited is a family owned company based in Newton Aycliffe Business Park, and was established in 1985 by the founder Gerry Osborne. Gerry took on the role as Roman’s company Chairman back in January 2006 and the position of Managing Director was handed over to his son, David Osborne. Roman is now the UK’s leading shower designer and manufacturer and employs over 160 staff. Following expansion in 2009 the Roman Brand now incorporates three main brands – Roman, Haven and Roman at Home.

The Roman product range covers high quality shower enclosures, stunningly contemporary wetroom panels, ingenious watertight bath screens, low level shower trays, state-of-the-art water delivery systems and a range of appealing bathroom accessories. Roman offers something for every sector within the showering market, from a price conscious range, through to the more exclusively designed showering solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

Standard Ranges: Our entry level range of showers feature bath screens, shower enclosures and shower trays. Roman don’t compromise on quality or asthetics in the Haven or Collage Rangeas even the lowest priced shower enclosures have a minimum of 4mm glass (5mm on bath screens) and timeless designed chrome finishes.

Designer Selection: Our mid-level range of shower enclosures include Embraceand Orbital styles. With sleek chrome styling, bath replacement sized enclosures and glass thicknesses ranging from 6-8mm throughout you are sure to find a luxury styled, but affordable design to suit your bathroom plans.

Luxury Living: If you are looking for a range to surpass the rest then head straight to our Desire and, Award Winning, Sculptures shower enclosureranges. Both offering a minimalistic design, frame-less styles and a minimum of 8mm glass.

Ultimate modern minimalist look in a shower tray

You can now create that ultimate modern minimalist look in your shower with the new range of Infinity shower trays from Roman Showers.


Getting the minimalistic look in your bathroom is one way to add some class and dram to your bathroom, many people do this by installing a wetroom. But what if you dont have the ability to add a wetroom do to concrete floors, planning permissions on the building or simply can not afford the expense of getting a professionally fitted wetroom. Well now there is a new option for you, the Infinity Tray from Roman.

Roman Infinity Tray range offers a breakthrough in technology as they can be installed straight to joists so that once the floor tiles are laid it creates level entry access into the shower area in a similar way to a wetroom.

Manufactured from Roman Stone, the Infinity trays are strong and durable. They achieve their level access feature due to them being only 40mm in height. This product provides the added reassurance of a tray, with the minimalist design and level access of a wetroom. The flawless styling of the Infinity trays has been designed with a single angle flow to the waste. The waste is suitable for power shower systems and carries away 25 litres of water per minute. This exclusive chic look is completed with a stylish load bearing solid surface waste cover which still allows access to the waste for cleaning. The contemporary white finish ensures the Infinity tray seamlessly blends in with all your bathroom fittings.

The level access nature of the Infinity Trays makes them perfect for all users, including those who struggle with the traditional step up into the enclosure. The Infinity shower trays mean that you can create a style statement whilst still having a practical easy access space.

So if you are looking for an alternative to a wetroom, then look no further than an an infinity tray from Roman showers.

Everything evolves, even your shower

Everything evolves with time be it science, art or technology. The best use of technology is when it is used for the betterment of mankind and increase in improvement of life and living.

Most of the modern technologies that we use today have reduced the human effort and made life simpler and easier. The most basic necessities of life are now administered by the latest technologies. There was a time when people used to go and take bath in rivers, then the time shifted when people started using buckets in their bathrooms and now is the time when people love to take bath under the cabinet showers.

showering (1)

People change with time and so do their requirements and necessities. The immense changes and advancements in bathroom fittings are one such example. Manufactures, such as Mira Showers, realise that bathrooms these days have become a place where people reflect on their long day ahead or like to refresh after a tiring one. Mira showers is one such company which is revolutionizing the way people think about their bathrooms. For instance, there are a wide range of showers kits and digital showers in which water temperature changes with the help of a thermostat. A dial is provided to regulate the temperature and there is a safety lock mode so as to keep it safe when not in use. These showers are not only great to use but also beautify the bathroom aesthetically.

Mira electric shower is the next variety in range of showers. It has a temperature regulator to regulate the water temperature. It is also provided with on and off button to start the shower. The shower is provided with a bar which can be easily adjusted to the wall. The power shower is the next category in the range. The power shower is provided with more or less the same functions as in digital and the electric shower. The mixer shower is the easiest to use, even a child can operate it easily. It is provided with a bar to adjust to the wall and occupies a lot lesser space in your bathroom.

These showers are made up of lustrous steel that make them shine. Shower heads and other showers accessories are also available at Mira showers.

Mira Showers are very affordable and are available from your local bathrooms showroom or online. Just remember to ask your plumber about which shower is best for you.

How to make a wetroom

This video shows how to make and install a wetroom. In this video it show how a level floor wetroom is created using a level access wetroom kit by Abacus Direct.

In previous posts I have talked about what a wetroom is and why tanking a wetroom is essential.

I have posted a tutorial video before showing the tanking process using Roman Shield by Roman Showers but I also found this video by Abacus Direct which shows a similar method to the Roman Shield tanking but uses waterproof boards instead of making plaster boards and wooden floors waterproof with chemicals.

What I like about this video is that it shows the method of fitting a preformed wetroom floor tray and waste.