There’s more to renovating your bathroom than you realise

So you have made the decision to renovate your bathroom…

It’s an exciting time with a multitude of possibilities. No doubt you’ve got at least one Pinterest board dedicated to the cause, plus a stack of magazines and mood boards ready to provide inspiration. But where do you even begin?

When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are always the obvious requirements. You will need a new toilet, basin and bath. They’re pretty much a given, although there is a lot of flexibility in your design choices and how you choose to space them out. You may be able to move everything around to gain more space, or you might want to add or remove an item (for example, a bath or shower) to gain extra room.

These key fixtures and fittings will dictate the overall style of the room; for example, if you choose ornate and elaborate designs, you’ll likely be looking for something more vintage and rustic overall. If you pick something very sleek and modern, you’ll probably be after a minimalistic, industrial or art deco space. However, while thinking about these aspects of your bathroom is important, they’re not the only things you need to consider design-wise.

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New innovative In-wall toothbrush charger

Bathroom electronic solution specialists ProofVision have launched a innovative electric toothbrush charging station compatible with all Oral B and Braun Electric Toothbrushes.

Proofvision toothbrush holder

Designed to address the problem of untidy cables from conventional charging units, the In-Wall Toothbrush Charger is compatible with all Oral B and Braun toothbrushes and offers a simple to install and convenient solution for homeowners looking to create a sleek bathroom design. Not only is the charger a great addition to any new bathroom design, but it can also be fitted in existing bathrooms to replace unused shaver sockets.

We at Rubberduck Bathrooms seen the launch of this new product at the KBB show on 4th March 2018, which offers full compatibility with Oral B/Braun electric toothbrushes. With the unit fitting flush into the wall and a charging base for charging and storage of the toothbrush, the In-Wall Charger maximises space and provides a unique addition to a bathroom space.

ProofVision’s William Uttley commented: “We’re excited to announce our latest solution, which will be launched at the KBB show. Consumer research has shown that customers are often frustrated by the clumsiness and inconvenience of charger cables around their bathroom. The In-Wall Charger from ProofVision provides a perfect solution which is safe, smart and adds a unique feature to any bathroom.”

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Reasons why to install a PVC Ceiling – Ceiling Cladding

I Love a uPVC ceiling in a bathroom. For me it ticks all the boxes, easy to install, levels a ceiling nice and hides a number of issues and holes in ceiling without having to plaster.

For my customers they are easy to clean and never need painting. No more mold on the ceiling.

Advantages of a plastic ceiling

The main advantages of a plastic ceiling derive from the properties of plastics, for example:

Plastic is a non-hygroscopic material and does not absorb water, the advantage of this in a bathroom is that steam from the bath or shower will not be absorbed into the ceiling. So unlike a traditional plastered ceiling which can go mouldy from steam absorption, plastic ceilings will not go mouldy.

Plastic ceilings are easy to clean using any household cleaners or a damp/dry cloth. Plastic ceilings  just need a quick wipe from time to time to keep them looking like new.

Plastic ceilings do not need painting. No more weekends spent painting and repainting bathroom ceilings with expensive paint. Plastic ceilings come in the chosen colour ready to install.

Easy to install, Plastic ceilings are easy to install with limited tools. A competent DIYer can install a plastic ceiling in a couple of hours with only a hand saw, screw drill or staple gun and a silicone gun and can be installed over an existing plastered or artexed ceiling.

Can be installed with downlights and is a great way of concealing wiring. Downlights, also known as spot lights, are popular upgrades in bathrooms and kitchens but require additional wiring runs and holes to be drilled in the ceiling. Plastic ceilings are perfect for covering over the damage to the existing ceiling caused from the downlight installation, so no need for the ceiling to re-plastered skimmed and painted.

Plastic ceilings can be installed on a wooden or metal framework.

Plastic ceiling can be used as a suspended ceiling.

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Fitting A Comfort Height Toilet With Bathroom Furniture

Fitting a comfort height toilet with bathroom furniture has been a problem for me, and other bathroom designer and installers, for many years. Comfort height BTW toilets have been available to buy but have always been trouble or even unable to be installed on furniture. But not any more!

Comfort Height Toilets, also known as raise height toilets, offer a toilet pan that is height than a standard toilet. This makes going to the toilet more comfortable for taller people and for the elderly.

When installing a higher toilet this mean that the flush inlet hole is also raised, this in turn means that the cistern had to be raised, this would mean that the top of the cistern would often sit higher than the worktop height on furniture not allowing it to fit correctly. The only options would then be to cut the flush pipe to a length which was unworkable or to raise the entire run of furniture and add higher height plinths. This would then also raise the height of the basin which could then be hard to lean over making brushing of teeth and washing of faces uneasy.

But Not Anymore!

Tavistock, the makers of the popular Vortex Concealed Cistern, have been working with designers and installers from Roper Rhodes to develop a comfort height concealed cistern. This slimline dual flush concealed cistern has been specially designed and developed for use with comfort height back to wall toilets. When fitting a comfort height toilet with furniture it is difficult or impossible (depending on height of the furniture) to install a standard concealed cistern. This comfort height concealed cistern with it bottom entry inlet allow for easy installation of comfort height toilets with furniture.

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The perfect color for bathroom

Lustrolite is a great way to add colour to your bathroom

Interior Design Ideas

Choosing the color of your bathroom is more than a fashion or style has to do directly with your tastes and preferences. This year they have become very fashionable super warm colors, like orange terracotta or red range.But eventually you have to choose you.

39c66  banofucsia1

Just as it is important when you choose the color of your bedroom, because it is a very personal space, at least I think so, the bathroom should give you a sense of relaxation and comfort . If you have trouble deciding on the color, can be inspired by an accessory or a towel you’;ve seen while you were shopping and got your attention.

If you prefer the traditional …

In particular, in the past decades, it was common to enter a bathroom and all the furniture along the walls and majolica were immaculately white . This gave a sense of total cleanliness and freshness. However, today many people associate it rather with a hospital environment…

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Naturally Easy Grout Cleaning

Nice tutorial here

Simple is Serenity

Tiles!  Why do we have tiles in our bathroom’s and laundry’s?  It is a continual task to keep the grout clean, especially the floors as dirt/dust/etc easily gets dragged into it.  I am looking for an alternate surface to do away with our tiles in the future.  But in the meantime, I have a simple cleaning solution.

I don’t like to use chemicals in my home.  I don’t like the stink, or danger of using harsh chemicals.  But I don’t want cleaning to be hard either.  This is a simple natural way to clean grout.

Put the following in a Spray Bottle – 

  • 7 cups water
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup vinegar

Spray your floor, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then scrub with a scrubbing brush.  The grout should come up clean again without too much elbow grease.

Here is a photograph…

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