What Is Wetroom Tanking


Wetrooms needs to be tanked ( waterproofed ) to provide a water proof room for your wetroom.

Tanking, in essence, turns your room floor into a shower tray and the walls of your rooms into the shower enclosure.

Wetroom tanking is essental to stop water leaking into your building and cause structual damage.

Wetroom Tanking also provides a number of benefits over the traditional bathroom set up. For example, a correctly tanked wetroom eliminates water/moisture damage in your home, it is compatible with underfloor heating systems, it prolongs the life of the tile grout. A wetroom that is professionally tanked provides a most reassuring promise to homeowners. No more leak guarantee! Once properly sealed, a wetroom will be impervious to any wandering water.

There are many different ways to tank a wetroom and many different fitter and manufactures have there own way of tanking a wetroom. Buy wetroom tanking kits are available to buy online.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a wetroom

Wet Rooms are very much in fashion. The simple principle of being able to walk straight into your showering area without having to climb over a shower tray and shut a door behind you is popular with many people. Wet Rooms can be installed in many different locations such as on a concrete floor or upstairs between joists.


The advantages of a wet room:

  • A perfect solution for small bathrooms – removing the bath or shower enclosure creates loads more space.
  • Wet rooms are easier to clean as there is less in them that can get dirty. If you go for epoxy grouting and wall hung toilet and basin you will get as easy maintenance a wet room as can be.
  • A properly installed wet room is less likely to leak and cause water damage than a standard bathroom – any spilled water just goes down the drain.
  • As a second bathroom, a wet room can easily increase the value of your home – especially if you have more than 2-3 bedrooms.
  • If you are considering to buy an expensive shower enclosure a wet room without one can work out at a very similar price and look a lot better.
  • Level access is perfect for people with disability’s or disabled access

And the disadvantages:

  • In small rooms and if you don’t have a screen you can get wet towels and loo roll caused by spray from the shower.
  • The room will need to be professionally waterproofed or tanked – if it’s not done properly leaking water can cause damage.
  • Swoping a bath for a wet room without a separate bathroom with a bath could make your home less saleable – buyers tend to want at least one bath.
  • Wet rooms should be tiled from floor to ceiling – and that will cost more than tiling just inside the enclosure or above the bath.

What is a wetroom?


A common question one gets asked is “what is a wetroom?”

In essence a wetroom is a waterproof room usually equipped with a shower. The room itself becomes the enclosure of the shower,  with a drain in the floor replacing the conventional shower tray.

Because you have no shower tray you have more scope to create a room that is different in colour , layout and style. no set size for your shower and no need to put your shower in a corner, why not put your shower in the middle of your wetroom?

Wetrooms are offen called shower rooms.

Before you can fit or construct a wetroom you need to make the room in which you wish to make your wetroom is water proof. This is done by a form of wetroom tanking, this in essence turns the floor of your room into the shower tray and your walls into the enclosure.

Wetrooms are becoming a very popular and are great for disable access.