Do I need to upgrade my Magnaclean Filter to a Magnaclean Professional 2?

Many of people say to me “I have an original Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted to my heating system, do I need to upgrade to the Magnaclean Professional 2?”, well in short NO YOU DON’T.

If you have a Magnaclean Professional Filter fitted on your heating system then your system is protected. The Magnaclean Professional 2 allows for faster installation and less clearances for cleaner/servicing of the filter. They both offer the same protection.

How ever if you have an old Magnaclean Professional that was fitted before the upgraded internal sleeve was developed, I would recommend fitting an upgrading the sleeve to your filter. The Sleeve looks as follows.



If you internal sleeve doesn’t have the larger area as shown on the bottom of this image, then you have the older Magnaclean and I would purchase a Magnaclean Professional upgrade sleeve which are available for both the 22mm filter and the 28mm filter for less than £20.

Fitting a Magnaclean Professional 2

If you have read any of my other past posts, you may have read my post about the Magnaclean Professional Filter and how to fit one, well since writing that post, Adey who manufacture Magnaclean have since launched the Magnaclean Professional 2 which is  even easier to install and fit and can be fitted in less than half an hour, well the actual fitting time is about 10 mins which you  will read about further on.

The main difference between the Magnaclean Professional 2 and the original Magnaclean Professional if the fitting valves. They both perform as good as each other and perform the same task, meaning if you already have a Magnaclean Professional one fitted, you DO NOT need to upgrade to the Magnaclean Professional 2, how ever if you have an old Magnaclean Professional, read my post on upgrading your Magnaclean.

The Fitting of the MagnaClean Professional 2 required no soldering of pipes like the original required. The Professional 2 now only requires a pipe cutter and spanner to install it. The revolutionary slip fitting allows the installer to simple remove 150mm of pipe from the flow or return pipe (pref the return pipe) and slip on the fitting and olives and tighten in place. This only takes around 10 mins to perform. How ever before installing you are required to drain down the system and re instate once installed.

To reinstate your system Magnaclean advice using MagnaClean MC1 Protector Fluid which is designed especially for Adey’s MagnaClean for Central Heating Systems, but is suitable for other heating systems. MC1 Protector Fluid is a high performance chemical inhibitor that prevents system corrosion and scale that provides long term system protection.

I have personally fitted one to my own central heating system with ease and have seen a massive improvements in the temperature of my radiators and have removed a large amount of dirt from my system that would have just clogged my boiler and radiators.


The above photos shows the result of fitting a Magnaclean Filter to my central heating system for only 12 hours. In only 12 hours which only 4 hours of which the system was running (as was over night).

Driveways and paving in York

I have been on a big job in York in the UK where i have ben fitting bathrooms to 2 houses on the same street for a land lord. TBH the bathroom wasn’t anything flash but the jobs involved ripping out the old bathroom and replacing with a new P shape bath and shower screen, shower and toilets etc. The client / Land Lord purchased the full set for less than £550 including all the taps through a contact i have in my local area called Rubber Duck Bathrooms and he purchased this Cheap Bathroom Suite.

Anyways, the bathroom fitting went to plan and I did bath bathrooms within a week.

While I was there the client was also getting new driveways and paving installed at the properties through a company called Yorkshire Direct Services. They were installing something called resin bond. Basically to me looked like nice small coloured gravel, mixed with a glue (resin) which is pored over a concrete drive/base and smoothed out and allowed to dry.

I have to say the lads within for Yorkshire Direct were nice blokes and the driveways and paves looked nice when they had finished. I said i would give them a shout out, well done York Shire Direct for a great driveway and paving in york!

The perfect color for bathroom

Lustrolite is a great way to add colour to your bathroom

Interior Design Ideas

Choosing the color of your bathroom is more than a fashion or style has to do directly with your tastes and preferences. This year they have become very fashionable super warm colors, like orange terracotta or red range.But eventually you have to choose you.

39c66  banofucsia1

Just as it is important when you choose the color of your bedroom, because it is a very personal space, at least I think so, the bathroom should give you a sense of relaxation and comfort . If you have trouble deciding on the color, can be inspired by an accessory or a towel you’;ve seen while you were shopping and got your attention.

If you prefer the traditional …

In particular, in the past decades, it was common to enter a bathroom and all the furniture along the walls and majolica were immaculately white . This gave a sense of total cleanliness and freshness. However, today many people associate it rather with a hospital environment…

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Roman Launch New Range


Roman Showers, from Newton Aycliffe,have recently launched a new range of shower screen and enclosures to there already extensive range.

The new Roman Showers Decem range of shower enclosures adds a new dimension to showering.


What makes Decem Shower screens and enclosure range different is the hardware and handle options on offer. You can choose between curved or square hardware (handles and hinges) to create your own desired effect.

Choose between a variety of Hinged Door Shower Enclosures, which are available in various sizes and configurations, through to our stylish Wetroom Panels, with optional return panel and the choice of exposed or concealed profiles. Completing the range is our Decem 10mm thick glass Hinged Bath Screen.

The Decem collection has been meticulously designed and engineered by Roman Design experts. Who have brought combined components of the highest quality; with 10mm thick toughened glass, chromed brass hardware, self-closing hinges and minimalist framing to create a design perspective.

Products from the range stand at a magnificent height of 2000mm, to create a real statement in your bathroom space.

For More Information Visit

What is a wetroom

A wet room is a bathroom without internal dedicated or raised areas which has an open shower. Structurally, a wet room requires the bathroom to have a gradient or slope towards a drain hole, and a foul air trap connecting the floor to the waste pipes.

How To Use A Wetroom

Shower usage in the latter half of the 20th century has skyrocketed. Personal hygiene became a primary concern, and bathing every day or multiple times a day is common among Western cultures.[16] Showering is generally faster than bathing and can use less water.[17] This quick and efficient concept explains its popularity as it fits in with the fast-paced lifestyles of modern people. In addition, showering, as opposed to taking a bath, is recommended for older people because it reduces the risk of injury related to falling.[18]

Taking a shower in the morning, instead of taking a shower at night is sometimes used in referring to the working class showering when they come home from work, and white collar workers showering before work.[19] An equal number of reasons can be offered for showering at night[20] as for showering in the morning.[21] Contrary to myth, there are no adverse health affects from showering at night.[22]

Some people take more than one shower each day – in the morning, after working out, and at night, or during hot weather.[23]


Roman Limited

I love fitting Roman Shower, showers screen and shower enclosures. They fit first time and seal first time. They are one of the most straight forward showers to fit and the instructions included are easy to follow.

English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymrae...

English: woman with a towel in a shower Cymraeg: benyw gyda tywel mewn cawod (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Roman Limited is a family owned company based in Newton Aycliffe Business Park, and was established in 1985 by the founder Gerry Osborne. Gerry took on the role as Roman’s company Chairman back in January 2006 and the position of Managing Director was handed over to his son, David Osborne. Roman is now the UK’s leading shower designer and manufacturer and employs over 160 staff. Following expansion in 2009 the Roman Brand now incorporates three main brands – Roman, Haven and Roman at Home.

The Roman product range covers high quality shower enclosures, stunningly contemporary wetroom panels, ingenious watertight bath screens, low level shower trays, state-of-the-art water delivery systems and a range of appealing bathroom accessories. Roman offers something for every sector within the showering market, from a price conscious range, through to the more exclusively designed showering solutions for luxurious bathrooms.

Standard Ranges: Our entry level range of showers feature bath screens, shower enclosures and shower trays. Roman don’t compromise on quality or asthetics in the Haven or Collage Rangeas even the lowest priced shower enclosures have a minimum of 4mm glass (5mm on bath screens) and timeless designed chrome finishes.

Designer Selection: Our mid-level range of shower enclosures include Embraceand Orbital styles. With sleek chrome styling, bath replacement sized enclosures and glass thicknesses ranging from 6-8mm throughout you are sure to find a luxury styled, but affordable design to suit your bathroom plans.

Luxury Living: If you are looking for a range to surpass the rest then head straight to our Desire and, Award Winning, Sculptures shower enclosureranges. Both offering a minimalistic design, frame-less styles and a minimum of 8mm glass.

Glass Splashbacks – Bring Your Kitchen To Life

The well-known insecurity where glass splashbacks regarding living rooms are involved can be that they are dainty or poor. Any time you say the thought of goblet worktops or perhaps glass splashbacks individuals regularly are more likely to anticipate of which although they might glance very fashionable, that has an odd, contemporary search that’s especially desirable and well known at this time, about the sensible tier they’re never ideal.

Practically nothing might be further more on the inescapable fact, along with outlined in this article let’s evaluate how come it’s that will decanter or glass worktops plus glass splashbacks designed for living rooms or even loos make up the optimal treatment, not only on exactly where ones own seems to be plus design and style is worried, however , from an extremely functional outlook. You might have kids, most likely small children what person delight in going plaything cars at worktops, or maybe chances are you’ll can many serious grilling, through sharpened cutlery, acidic elements as well as cooking griddles, and it could come to be rational to say that will a ton of individuals is going to contemplate decanter or glass 100 % inappropriate meant for this kind of natural world. But still let us have a look at just a few particulars, that is certain to reveal the best way weird this kind of assumption is certainly.

Initially, let us take into consideration your vehicle. Car provides a dashboard or windscreen that is definitely composed of a glass. In addition to that, however glass splashbacks is normally a great deal finer in comparison to the wineglass put to use in kitchen’s worktops in addition to to get glass splashbacks. However you are somewhat able to continue the face just simply in from this wineglass, despite the fact that driving a car on as much 70 mls a while. This type of belief throughout wineglass appears for likelihood by using no belief inside the equal kind of substance whenever restricted to to be stationary within the cooking area.

Probably therefore oahu is the heat? Whereby think of this fact. A glass must be used intended for microwave doors, and additionally just for ordinary oven exterior doors, plus on the two occurrences we certainly have bit priority just for the possibility that the particular decanter or glass with each cases definitely will attain very high environments. However more than this approach : when you look inside of a heater or possibly your oven you should regularly acquire folks using a magnifying glaas casserole satellite dish, once more without any fears about the point that a window gets sizzling hot. In fact with every microwave furnace typically the stage in the bottom what is the right you area the dish is made from a glass, and once more it really is significantly thin than the magnifying glaas used in glass splashbacks or simply worktops.

Glass splashbacks in many cases can contend with the best temperatures your own your oven may well address, and for that reason warmth is actually no issue. What about itching subsequently? In any case, you will generally need to usage sharpened chef knives designed for cutting up, cutting and also dicing cuisine. You may perfectly have a cutting up panel, plus with most of your occasions it is actually likely to end up built from cup splashbacks. The truth is any time you look at culinary plans upon hdtv some people usually implement decanter or glass cutting message boards along with window cooking discussion boards. The biggest reason is in which wine glass splashbacks could be very difficult, however it is equally true the fact that a glass splashbacks shouldn’t scuff easily, and consequently gives an even covering that could without difficulty end up laundered hygienically.

A similar very well should you experienced questions on the subject of glass splashbacks to get kitchen sets starting to be stained. In case you be prepared declare beetroot for a wood made cutting plank you can discover any marks largely is hidden away in permanently. Begin using an important decanter or glass splashbacks cutting board although mark should wash out readily, actually throughout chilly liquid. The produces window the ideal stuff to get used in kitchen sets, qualified to resist has an affect on, huge environment, discoloration snacks, acidic compounds as well as sharp chef knives. The fact is whilst comparing the choice elements and also consider the looking at the way in which a glass is needed for additional conditions it will be simple to ascertain that will wineglass has is among the most perfect complete fabrics from where to produce magnifying glaas splashbacks as well as worktops which usually final, and check fabulous.

You realize you’ll be amazed together with you skill in any modest interval of your energy. All the difference related to a good tile a glass splashback and a splashback constructed really just right from tile is hassle-free: present day tumbler splashbacks utilize a liner pertaining to a large number of sorts tile where earlier tile goblet splashbacks are actually in essence kitchen area or washroom tile attached to the outlet. In order to modernize the positioning, a tiled magnifying glaas splashback might most likely make areas inviting devoid of it all overpowering home.

Corresponding home

Once picking what cloth to employ inside purchase to protect the retaining wall search to get resources that should complement this cabinetry and even outlet less sunlit areas. There’s a very few unique sorts of tiled fence essentials, although most tiled goblet splashbacks will probably be really seen. Some of the on the market supplies consist of laminated decanter or glass, chrome steel matte, Lustrolite as well as ceramic kiln-burned tile. Regarding these kinds of searching to hang most of the tumbler splashbacks simple, Lustrolite, kiln-burned ceramic tile are recommended. Mosaics plus patterns may sketch any eye’s notice along with need to be warded off should you be working to accommodate items exquisite, yet a hassle-free pattern inside of a neutral color could also be viewed as.


What exactly creates tiles consequently exquisite is certainly it has the homey awareness. Tiles tend to be all to easy to benefit from as well as selections are usually infinite. Several well-liked tiled tumbler splashbacks are generally mosaics and even ceramic. At the same time alternate options might come to be your focal place while in the put. Property owners trying to keep points natural should work with non-patterned ceramic window splashbacks. Those tiles have to balance the color of the showcases in addition to retaining wall car paint. The many hunting carryout a proclamation, mosaics can be a terrific option.

Choosing a particular trend or various is mostly a very own choice, nevertheless anyway mosaic tiles can be a dialog beginner. In your prevent, tiled magnifying glaas splashbacks are usually took to make sure you modernize a particular area, although can take it again under pronating dependent on this product utilised. Which has a mosaic, patterned tile could catch the attention of your own detect towards the do unlike ceramic impartial tile is going to support objects subdued.

Consider magnifying glaas splashbacks London, uk or maybe decanter or glass splashback England on line intended for increased questions. cup splashbacks offer a very good different benefits assigned an a considerable amount of choice substances popularly implemented inside the kitchen’s. Even though thinking about the features about goblet splashbacks for the purpose of the kitchen within the status for see with take a look not to mention sort, or possibly in the period associated with check out in reliability as well as health, wine glass seems to have attributes which are unable to come to be matched by means of other element as gladly, and additionally never in a way that is often as acceptable.

hands down the initial causes customers may look and feel about right after they think of your kitchen worktops in addition to cup splashbacks designed because of goblet is who they ought to always be fragile, drained and even at risk from chipping or great. Even now, propose being very careful very important to keep in mind that your model of goblet employed to earn your kitchen goblet splashbacks as well as performance surfaces can be quite toughened.

When you are really subject matter to help you hurtle at 75 distance at least an hour accompanied by a metal sheet involving wineglass just inches wide in your confront you’ll find time an individual press the vehicle, a do the job floor made from decanter or glass that may be really a whole lot plumper as well as extremely notably increasingly difficult is usually certainly greater than have the ability of withstanding it doesn’t matter what people pitch at the idea in the your kitchen surroundings.