Reviving your old bathroom

There’s nothing more depressing than a tired and tatty bathroom. When your bathroom is bright, clean and fresh it’s a pleasure to use. If it’s a little frayed around the edges it can mean you don’t enjoy relaxing in your bath because you spend your time noticing the wear and tear. Many people put off […]

Everything evolves, even your shower

Everything evolves with time be it science, art or technology. The best use of technology is when it is used for the betterment of mankind and increase in improvement of life and living. Most of the modern technologies that we use today have reduced the human effort and made life simpler and easier. The most […]

Bathroom Cladding Vs Tiles

Plastic bathroom cladding is becoming more and more popular. In this match-up there is only one clear winner and if you are still undecided on which to choose, a specialist has all the information you need to realise that while bathroom tiles may be the long-time conventional choice, bathroom cladding is the better alternative that before long […]

Fitting a MagnaClean Filter

Normally I talk about bathrooms and fitting bathrooms and wetrooms, but this week i was asked about fitting a MagnaClean filter for someone while I was working on the bathroom. Also see my post about Magnaclean Filters With a MagnaClean filter being fitted to the heating system, many people think you need a heating engineer […]

Lustrolite Shower Boards

In recent posts I have talked about shower panels and showers boards. Shower panels and board are a great alternative to tiling and are quick and easy to install and much easier to clean and maintain than tiles surfaces. Lustrolite High Gloss Wall Panelling is another range of shower boards which give a high class […]