Linda Barker Collection from Multipanel to debut at KBB

Multipanel, the UK’s leading brand of waterproof decorative wall panels for bathrooms, is to launch its new 2018 collections at the Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms (KBB) exhibition in Birmingham on 4-7th March.


In developing this year’s product offering, Multipanel has partnered with celebrity designer, Linda Barker, who will attend the show to launch the Linda Barker Collection for Multipanel, a range of 13 beautifully crafted waterproof panels, inspired by materials from the natural world such as stone, marble and wood.

The much-loved interior designer has been helping the British public transform their homes with stylish and imaginative ideas since her first television appearance in 1994, as a presenter on Changing Rooms. More recently, Linda, who initially trained in fine art, has won many plaudits for her commercial work, including her kitchen range for Wren Kitchens, sofas for DFS and cabins for Thomson Holidays.

“For too long,” says Linda, “the bathroom has taken a back seat in our homes. And even though the possibilities for decorating are endless, it’s often the cost and the long downtime that a bathroom space needs whilst work is carried out, that stops us in our tracks.”

“I was therefore excited to discover just how much quicker and more cost effective the whole bathroom makeover could be. Completely waterproof panels from Multipanel are easy to install, and importantly for a busy household, the downtime is kept to a minimum. What’s more, unlike traditional ceramic tiles, no grouting is required, which means a beautiful mould-free future for the renovation.”

Developed with the design loving house renovator in mind and for those looking to emulate the top bathroom trends in an affordable way at home, the Linda Barker Collection offers many stylish options for making the most of any bathroom space.

The Collection makes use of recent advances in laminate design technology. These allow much larger realistic true scale images to be printed on each panel, authentically replicating, for example, the look of real slabs of Calacatta marble, fossilised timber or patinated corten steel — all at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


There are three colour and texture strands to the Linda Barker Collection from Multipanel:

 Elements: subtle hues combined with an incredibly solid appearance —perfect for achieving an ultra-modern industrial look.

– Wood: a weathered look exuding gentle warmth and texture.

– Stone: the authentic look and feel of real stone and marble.

A luxurious spa look is achieved with Calacatta Marble (Linda Barker Collection) feature wall and Sicilia flooring (Click Range).

For more information please visit Multipanels Website.


The difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

What is the difference between an Electrical Shower and a power shower?

This is a question I often get asked…

1) An electric shower heats cold mains water as it passes by a heating element, similar to a kettle. They are connected to a mains water supply and an electrical supply. Electric showers are perfect for home without a gas supply or homes with stored/tanked water supply. You can also use these in home with a combi boiler as no hot supply is required.

2) A power shower is a pumped shower which will boost the water pressure if the water pressure is not high enough for a good flow from the shower head. It connects to CISTERN FED hot and cold supplies and can be thermostatically controlled. It delivers the mixed water at a good pressure to a shower head. Power shower require a hot and cold water feed and should not be fitted to a combi boiler system.

I hope this helps people.

Looking to change your bathrooms?

Are you thinking of changing your bathroom? Don’t know where to beguine?

If your thinking of getting a new bathroom there are two ways you can go, you can either visit a bathrooms showroom and hire them to design and install your bathroom from start to finish, or you can DIY  it.

These two main way each have there plus and minuses. The plus to going to a showroom is that you can get the job done in one place from start to finish with very little time or hastle for your self. You bathroom will also be backed with a guarantee if anything were to go wrong…. or leak. The minus to this is, this may be costly depending on the company you are dealing with. This cost is down to the time and effort the staff and team at the showroom put into your project.

The the other way is the DIY route. This can be less expensive than using a company/showroom to do your bathroom, however you will have to do allot of the leg work your self including buying the equipments, supplies, tiles, floor, bathroom suit, accessories etc etc etc before then removing your old bathroom, prepping the room, then fitting the new suite and installing the fixtures and fitting. You may also need to purchase a skip or van to remove the old suit and rubbish from your home. You also have no guarantees with your fitting and any leaks and damage caused may not be cover by your home insurance (unless you are a qualified plumber). So you may want to consider this when deciding to go full DIY.

The Third Option!

There is a third option when it come to bathroom installing and design…. You can do a mix of the two types. You can visit the showrooms and get inspiration then purchase the equipment your self either from a online bathroom retailer  then design the bathroom your self using a program like the free frontline bathroom designer  then have a qualified plumber come and install the bathroom for you. This way can also be more time consuming with searching for products, designing your room your self then finding a qualified fitted who gives you a good quote and is experienced and reliable. But the financial saving can be great.

Driveways and paving in York

I have been on a big job in York in the UK where i have ben fitting bathrooms to 2 houses on the same street for a land lord. TBH the bathroom wasn’t anything flash but the jobs involved ripping out the old bathroom and replacing with a new P shape bath and shower screen, shower and toilets etc. The client / Land Lord purchased the full set for less than £550 including all the taps through a contact i have in my local area called Rubber Duck Bathrooms and he purchased this Cheap Bathroom Suite.

Anyways, the bathroom fitting went to plan and I did bath bathrooms within a week.

While I was there the client was also getting new driveways and paving installed at the properties through a company called Yorkshire Direct Services. They were installing something called resin bond. Basically to me looked like nice small coloured gravel, mixed with a glue (resin) which is pored over a concrete drive/base and smoothed out and allowed to dry.

I have to say the lads within for Yorkshire Direct were nice blokes and the driveways and paves looked nice when they had finished. I said i would give them a shout out, well done York Shire Direct for a great driveway and paving in york!

Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection

Sofie Allsopp has recently releases an insprational guide on showering and bathroom design on the Mira Showers website. This post entitled Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection – Mira Showers is a great read for anyone looking for inspiration and design ideas.

For those of you who don’t know who Sofie Allsopp is, she is the television presenter of the BBC’s Unsellables UK, and has recently finished filming the 3rd series of the Canadian edition for HGTV.

Why not have a read of the post.