Stunning Slate Grey Shower Trays

Making bold, innovative moves in bathroom design is something which we love doing to stay ahead of the latest design trends, ensuring our customers can always rely on us for stunning products — something our new slate grey shower trays is helping us achieve.

Three Great Interior Products

Are you an interior designer, a DIYer, Plumber, Kitchen Fitter, or simply looking for innovative interior products for home decor? Then you may have already looked at glass panelling or printed glass film that can bring decorative effects to a glass surface? Do you want a decorative film for your commercial application? Here are three […]

Lustrolite Kitchens

Lustrolite is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and gives a super modern finish. The above video shows what is possible with Lustrolite in a kitchen. Lustrolite High Gloss Boards offer all the appearance advantages of a Glass Panel but without the weight, cost and installation difficulties. Please see my other post to see Lustrolite in […]

Fitting a MagnaClean Filter

Normally I talk about bathrooms and fitting bathrooms and wetrooms, but this week i was asked about fitting a MagnaClean filter for someone while I was working on the bathroom. Also see my post about Magnaclean Filters With a MagnaClean filter being fitted to the heating system, many people think you need a heating engineer […]

What is a MagnaClean Filter??

MagnaClean fiters essentally are a large powerful magnet, housed i a water tight chamber that fits inline of you centre heating system. This Magnet catches all magnetic rubbish that is going around in your central heating systems water. MagnaCleans trading line is “Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protection” MagnaClean® Professional, By Adey, sets […]

Lustrolite Shower Boards

In recent posts I have talked about shower panels and showers boards. Shower panels and board are a great alternative to tiling and are quick and easy to install and much easier to clean and maintain than tiles surfaces. Lustrolite High Gloss Wall Panelling is another range of shower boards which give a high class […]

Wet walls and bathroom panels

Wet walls and bathroom panels are a great alternative to tiles and are not just constrained to the bathroom. Wet wall can be used in may other situations including kitchens, WCs or any room you wish to use. Wet walls and bathroom panels were designed as wall panels for bathrooms for inside showers originally for the commercial market but […]

What Is Wetroom Tanking

Wetrooms needs to be tanked ( waterproofed ) to provide a water proof room for your wetroom. Tanking, in essence, turns your room floor into a shower tray and the walls of your rooms into the shower enclosure. Wetroom tanking is essental to stop water leaking into your building and cause structual damage. Wetroom Tanking […]