Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020

Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020:  this event presents the newest innovations in interior design and the most amazing brands. But more than a big furniture display, Maison et Objet comes with a fresh set of inspirations and trends for this new year.  Check here some top companies present in the tradeshow, as well as some great furniture ideas for your bathroom space!


antoniolupi its a Italian company that works in bathroom luxury furniture market.


maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Antonio Lupi1


antoniolupi tailor makes everything for the bathroom: furniture (currently divided up in 10 collections), sanitary-ware, bathtubs, taps, mirrors and lighting, shower trays and enclosures, overhead showers, radiators, accessories and furnishings.


maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 antoniolupi SPICCHIO H180 L90 2


Although this incredible mirror collection by Antonio Lupi is all about the wall pieces, there is a version that can also be adapted to a floor mirror. It can be installed individually or coupled in two or more elements, and with or without lighting designs. With Spicchio collection, you can create unique scenarios for your bathroom project, in which mand and his look become the protagonists together with the elements that define the space.


maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 antoniolupi VORTICE 3


Vortice is the new free standing Carrara marble sink designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi. A new project that is part of the research traced with Intreccio (2018) to deepen the theme of contemporary matter, to investigate the complex dialogue between immobility and dynamism, between solidity and lightness, between reality and appearance.


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maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 antoniolupi OPALE Cristalmood 1


Following on from its Albume collection, made from coloured Cristalmood, the company has now introduced Opale and Vitreo.

The name Opale directly refers to the geometry and the infinite reflections offered by precious stones. It is available made entirely from translucent Cristalmood or entirely from marble, such as Bianco Carrara marble or Nero Maquina. Opale is even offered in a combination of marble pedestal and Cristalmood basin.

Ex.t :



bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Ex


Ex.t choosed again Maison&Objet to unveil its new products. Successfully launched last year in Paris, Nouveau collection is enriched with a bathtub and a shower  system, confirming the synergy of the Florentine brand with designers duo Paola Vella and Ellen Bernhardt. 2020 is a year of experimentation and exploration of new languages for Ex.t, which introduces a new excellent collaboration with Marcante-Testa study, resulting in a new collection: Frieze.


bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Ex


maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020


Aesthetically exuberant, full of color, and with a strong architectural imprint, Frieze aims to expand further the offer of Ex.t catalogue, that last year had already distinguished itself with a touch of poetry and emotion thanks to Nouveau collection. Both Nouveau and Frieze, albeit with different aesthetic languages, reflect the core idea of Ex.t bathroom: a modular, versatile and functional environment able to transform and renew itself continuously following the trends of contemporary living.


bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Frieze 1


Frieze the new collection of washbasins and bathroom accessories designed by Marcante-Testa for Ex.t. Inspired by “entablatures” series by Roy Lichtenstein, the project is articulated through different levels of signs, materials and colours where the washbasin stars as central element of the bathroom to organize the accessory elements. The architectural approach of the designers involves the entire spatial dimension of the bathroom: the position of the sink is defined from a central wall strip, the upper and a lower part of the wall can be covered in different materials, creating space to install the mirror, shelves, furniture and towel hooks. Featuring three washbasins Frieze


bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Frieze 2


One High, Frieze One Low and Frieze Two Lined, along with various accessories, it offers a very versatile system both spatially and stylistically. The combination of different shapes, colours, finishes and materials allows a lot of unique and original combinations.




bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Nouveau


Freely inspired by the Art Déco of early 20th century Nouveau collection – featuring washbasins, containers mirrors and accessories – gets richer in 2020 with new elements: a bathtub and a shower system.


bathroom inspiration, maison et objet, antonio lupi, ex.t, bathroom brands, freestanding maison et objet Best Bathroom Inspirations Seen at Maison et Objet 2020 Nouveau2


The bathtub shows the same sinuous and geometric lines of the entire collection. Its small size and circular shape includes a detail that, just like in the washbasins, is both decorative and functional.


Linda Barker Collection from Multipanel to debut at KBB

Multipanel, the UK’s leading brand of waterproof decorative wall panels for bathrooms, is to launch its new 2018 collections at the Kitchens, Bathrooms and Bedrooms (KBB) exhibition in Birmingham on 4-7th March.


In developing this year’s product offering, Multipanel has partnered with celebrity designer, Linda Barker, who will attend the show to launch the Linda Barker Collection for Multipanel, a range of 13 beautifully crafted waterproof panels, inspired by materials from the natural world such as stone, marble and wood.

The much-loved interior designer has been helping the British public transform their homes with stylish and imaginative ideas since her first television appearance in 1994, as a presenter on Changing Rooms. More recently, Linda, who initially trained in fine art, has won many plaudits for her commercial work, including her kitchen range for Wren Kitchens, sofas for DFS and cabins for Thomson Holidays.

“For too long,” says Linda, “the bathroom has taken a back seat in our homes. And even though the possibilities for decorating are endless, it’s often the cost and the long downtime that a bathroom space needs whilst work is carried out, that stops us in our tracks.”

“I was therefore excited to discover just how much quicker and more cost effective the whole bathroom makeover could be. Completely waterproof panels from Multipanel are easy to install, and importantly for a busy household, the downtime is kept to a minimum. What’s more, unlike traditional ceramic tiles, no grouting is required, which means a beautiful mould-free future for the renovation.”

Developed with the design loving house renovator in mind and for those looking to emulate the top bathroom trends in an affordable way at home, the Linda Barker Collection offers many stylish options for making the most of any bathroom space.

The Collection makes use of recent advances in laminate design technology. These allow much larger realistic true scale images to be printed on each panel, authentically replicating, for example, the look of real slabs of Calacatta marble, fossilised timber or patinated corten steel — all at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.


There are three colour and texture strands to the Linda Barker Collection from Multipanel:

 Elements: subtle hues combined with an incredibly solid appearance —perfect for achieving an ultra-modern industrial look.

– Wood: a weathered look exuding gentle warmth and texture.

– Stone: the authentic look and feel of real stone and marble.

A luxurious spa look is achieved with Calacatta Marble (Linda Barker Collection) feature wall and Sicilia flooring (Click Range).

For more information please visit Multipanels Website.


Three Great Interior Products

Are you an interior designer, a DIYer, Plumber, Kitchen Fitter, or simply looking for innovative interior products for home decor? Then you may have already looked at glass panelling or printed glass film that can bring decorative effects to a glass surface? Do you want a decorative film for your commercial application? Here are three great interior decorative products to choose from that could add dramatic effect to your interior styling:
• Glasen- Decorative Glass Panel
• Lustrolite – Acrylic Panells – Also known as Zenolite outside the UK
• Benif -Decorative Film

Glasen – Decorative Glass Panel

Glasen is a printed film and is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. This innovative interior product is a piece of art and can bring a range of decorative effects to glass panels. The glass panels laminated with Galsen can make a fantastic interior decorative piece. It can also complement most interior decor. Its surface quality and high gloss can provide any glassy surface with an elegant look.

The good news is that Glasen can help you reduce up to 50% of the glass requirement as it can be laminated to a single glass sheet. The product also has a range of applications. It can be used on table tops, Flooring, work surfaces, bar counters and even on kitchen splashbacks.

Benif – Decorative Film 

Benif decorative film is another great way to add unique styling to surfaces. Benif is a self -adhesive interior film and is ideal for giving a classy appearance to commercial shop fitting applications. This product can be used to modify any commercial surfaces without disruption, meaning that you don’t have to move or replace existing fixtures while applying Benif self-adhesive films. It is ideal for use on wood, plastics and various metals.

Benif is easy to install, offers good surface performance and is available in a variety of finishes such as woodgrain and chrome.

Lustrolite – Acrylic Panels


Outside the UK Lustrolite is also know as Zenolite and are both produced by EGR. Lustrolite Acrlyic Panells give the appearance of a glass panel.  A kitchen splashback made of Lustrolite can give your kitchen a whole new, renovated look. A kitchen splashback can not only protect your kitchen walls from spills and splashes, it can also work as great interior product. Lustroliter is available in larger panels which are perfect for bathrooms and showers. This high quality interior product has many features to delight a designer. Lustrolite splashbacks are heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius, is easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily. The splashback can also be used to bring more light to your kitchen.

LUSTROLITE_Rouge_Kitchen (2)

Lustrolite is easy to install and can provide your kitchen with a designer look. The product is exceptionally tough too.

All three of these interior products are ideal for both domestic and commercial applications, so you can always choose from any one of them when looking for a way to add glamour to a kitchen.

Decorating you bathroom can bring it back to life!

Decorating your bathroom can seem like a big expense and a lot of hassle. Particularly if you are ripping out your existing bathroom suite and replacing it with a new one.

But giving your bathroom a fresh new look doesn’t have to be hard. You can completely transform your bathing space quickly and effectively. What’s more, it doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Firstly, think about your bathroom accessories. You can really brighten up a tired bathroom by adding some lively bright coloured towels, bathmats and matching them in with your other accessories such as your toothbrush holders and bathroom cabinets.

If you’re feeling really brave you can even choose a signature wall and give it a coat of bright paint.

If you’ve got an old bathroom suite in those favourite colours of the 1970’s – Avacado, pink, turquoise or even brown, then instead of lamenting it, why not embrace it. Just choose your wall coverings and accessories to match. If you get it right you could end up with a really unique space that people will love.

If you really don’t want to rip out that old suite, then why not consider swapping your shower curtains for a shower door. It can transform your bathroom and give it a much smarter appearance.

If you have bare walls you could always re-tile with something a little more interesting. There are a myriad of tile options to choose from, so if you want to create something a bit more quirky you could go for fishy tiles or even a mosaic.

If tiling’s not for you then how about a mural? You can find lots of reliable mural painters on the net who will create a bespoke piece of art just for you. Just imagine bathing surrounded by a tropical seascape or roman ruins.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, but want to change the look of your walls, why not consider bathroom cladding or a product like Multipanel. Multipanel has plywood core wall panelling that comes laminated in over 30 different colours. It can be attached to a wall very quickly and easily buy supply glueing to existing walls or tiles with multipanel adhesive. Multipanel is completely water tight if installed correctly.

This stylish wood panelling is certainly a lot easier to install than tiles and gives a very sophisticated boutique hotel look to your bathroom. You can choose a colour that ties in perfectly with your bathroom accessories and reflects your taste. You can even match it in with your flooring.

Adding a plastic cladding ceiling will instantly brighten up you old bathroom and give a clean finish to your ceiling.

So remember, if you’re considering changing the face of your bathroom, it doesn’t have to be hell. Try one of these ideas and you’ll soon be relaxing in the bathroom of your dreams.

Lustrolite Shower Boards

In recent posts I have talked about shower panels and showers boards. Shower panels and board are a great alternative to tiling and are quick and easy to install and much easier to clean and maintain than tiles surfaces.

Lustrolite High Gloss Wall Panelling is another range of shower boards which give a high class modern look. Lustrolite comes in a range of colour and sizes and is easy to cut and install.

The above video show just some of the finishes you can achieve in your bathroom or shower room using Lustrolite.

If you are looking for high gloss walling, then Lustrolite Wall Panelling is the perfect choice.

Bathroom Accessories and there materials

Following on from my previous post about bathroom accessories I thought I would elaborate a little more and talk about the construction of the accessories.

There are numerous designs of bathroom accessories set available to choose from. Some people pick styles and themes that are contemporary to suit the modern times. Others buy some kind of historic, medieval and age-old designs. You may opt to have a nature theme or rustic or beach. It’s all up to you.

While choosing according to the design is fine, there are those who instead of going for a particular theme just purchase their sets of bathroom accessories according to the materials they are made from. The following are five of the most popular choices of materials today:


If you want to go traditional and a bit sophisticated, you can choose bath accessories made of wood. Wooden accessories will especially look great if you have a simple bathroom theme like white or shades of white for everything. This is good for the rustic or nature theme as well.


One of the reasons why people prefer ceramic bathroom accessories is their durability. They are commonly cheap too, which makes them a practical buy. Just keep in mind to purchase those with nice and elegant designs. This is because ceramics don’t have that kind of stylish effect compared to wood and glass wherein the latter two can stand out all by their own even without intricate designs.


Just like what was mentioned earlier, glass accessories naturally give off an ornamental look and feel to any room they are in. That’s part of the reason why glass is a famous choice even for bath add-ons. The only thing you have to worry about is how you carefully handle these items. Make sure you use tempered glass because that’s more durable. They are not a good choice though if you are shopping for kids bathroom accessories.


This is the strongest material among the five. Metal bath accessories can be made of copper or brass and are able to last for a long time. They also match well with your stainless steel bathroom cabinets, if you are using those. Mostly, homeowners get them for their proven durability.


Just a bit more sophisticated than glass, the crystal bath add-ons will surely make your bathroom shine and sparkle. They are known to provide a very relaxing feeling and that they are considered as one of the most, if not the most, decorative among the bunch.

Shower Guide – Electric Showers

Electric Shower draw water direct from the cold water mains and heat it as it is used using an heat element within the main shower unit. This means that you can shower at any time of the day, without the need to pre-heat your hot water supply.


Electric showers are very economical, as you heat only the water that you need. Electric Showers are also the only type of shower that’s independent of the hot water system, so if your boiler fails you can still have a hot shower.

Electric Showers require both a connection to your mains cold water supply and electrical supply. The connection to your electrical supply will need to be carried out by a qualified electrician, as the electrical element within the shower requires a separate fused electrical supply circuit. The electric element within the shower unit is between 7.5kw and 10.8kw, it is important to establish which kW output you require before purchasing an Electric Shower, this can be verified with your electrician.

Electric Showers are a popular choice of shower, as they can easily be installed in old or new properties.