Lustrolite Glacier High Gloss Wall Board Alternative

High gloss wall panels in bathrooms have become very popular over the last year with the introduction on Lustrolite and BNQs own version Vistelle. Over the last 6 months i have installed severial bathrooms (normally within a shower enclosure) with Lustrolite, and i have to say the over all look is amazing. The most popular […]

Three Great Interior Products

Are you an interior designer, a DIYer, Plumber, Kitchen Fitter, or simply looking for innovative interior products for home decor? Then you may have already looked at glass panelling or printed glass film that can bring decorative effects to a glass surface? Do you want a decorative film for your commercial application? Here are three […]

Lustrolite Kitchens

Lustrolite is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms and gives a super modern finish. The above video shows what is possible with Lustrolite in a kitchen. Lustrolite High Gloss Boards offer all the appearance advantages of a Glass Panel but without the weight, cost and installation difficulties. Please see my other post to see Lustrolite in […]

Lustrolite High Gloss Panels

What can I say about Lustrolite Panels??…… WOW…. Amazinging…..Stunning! I first saw a glass kitchen years ago and remember thinking that it looked amazine, but soon realised that it cost a small fortune an was really difficult to work with, ie you can just cut a hole in glass to fit a plug etc. This […]