Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection

Sofie Allsopp has recently releases an insprational guide on showering and bathroom design on the Mira Showers website. This post entitled Functional Elegance – Showering Perfection – Mira Showers is a great read for anyone looking for inspiration and design ideas. For those of you who don’t know who Sofie Allsopp is, she is the television presenter […]

How to make a wetroom

This video shows how to make and install a wetroom. In this video it show how a level floor wetroom is created using a level access wetroom kit by Abacus Direct. In previous posts I have talked about what a wetroom is and why tanking a wetroom is essential. I have posted a tutorial video […]

Shower Guide – Care Showers

Care Showers, are actually just Electric Showers and therefore function in the exact same way. However Care Showers are actually specifically designed for the elderly, visually impaired or physically disabled.   The overall features of Care Showers, ensures the utmost confidence in showering safety for the end user. Care Shower features usually include Thermostatic controls, so […]

Shower Guide – Mixer Showers

Mixer Showers are also know as  Manual shower valves or Thermostatic shower valves. Mixer Showers, unlike Electric Showers, require no electrical connection.  Mixer Showers work by mixing together hot water from your hot water supply, and cold water from your mains or tank supply, thus creating the required temperature.  Mixer Showers have the benefit of […]

Shower Guide – Electric Showers

Electric Shower draw water direct from the cold water mains and heat it as it is used using an heat element within the main shower unit. This means that you can shower at any time of the day, without the need to pre-heat your hot water supply. Electric showers are very economical, as you heat […]

What is a wetroom?

A common question one gets asked is “what is a wetroom?” In essence a wetroom is a waterproof room usually equipped with a shower. The room itself becomes the enclosure of the shower,  with a drain in the floor replacing the conventional shower tray. Because you have no shower tray you have more scope to […]