Wetroom Kit comparison

As there are many kits available on the market, I though I would give you a review of two of the leading wetroom kits available on the market that in essence give the same result but achieve this in a different ways. Abacus Elements Wetroom Kits The Abacus Elements Wetroom Kits comprises of a preformed wetroom floor, water […]

Making a waterproof wetroom floor

One of the wetroom floors I have mention in previous posts is the Abacuse Direct wetroom elements floor kit. Abacus Elements wetroom floor kits are a range of easy to install, tileable wet floor systems suitable for both domestic or commercial applications. Abacus have been good enough to create a tutorial DVD to show how […]

What Is Wetroom Tanking

Wetrooms needs to be tanked ( waterproofed ) to provide a water proof room for your wetroom. Tanking, in essence, turns your room floor into a shower tray and the walls of your rooms into the shower enclosure. Wetroom tanking is essental to stop water leaking into your building and cause structual damage. Wetroom Tanking […]