Four of the Greatest Gridded Bathroom Designs

The black grid bathroom shower trend has shown no sign of slowing. People are opting for this design due to its ultra-modern look and versatile style. The black grid shower compliments an array of bathroom designs and has become the focal point of the bathroom. That’s why we have put together the four greatest bathroom interior designs that really showcase the black grid shower enclosure in all its magnificence. You can take inspiration from these and recreate them at home.

The 1920s Inspired Luxe Design

The 1920s Inspired Luxe design creates an outstanding stunning space. The black grid shower enclosure pairs perfectly with the clean matt black and white lines forming an elegant art deco ambience. Create the look with luxurious marble tiling, sharp-lined accents and round voluptuous mirrors.

The Urban Minimalist Design

The Urban Minimalist design is the ideal space to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This design with its exposed brick, floating his and her vanity basins and black grid wetroom panel creates a very on-trend industrial, ultra-modern look. Create the look with soft marble tiling, exposed or rendered brick walling and minimalist simple accents.

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