Upgrade your old MagnaClean Filter

If you have an old MagnaClean Professional Filter, you can upgrade you exsisting filter the next time you clean your magnet with a Magnaclean Sheath Upgrade kit.


A new retrofit sheath gives UK installers the opportunity to offer more than a million customers a quick-fix upgrade to their existing central heating system protection.

Manufacturer ADEY Professional Heating Solutions has launched its sheath upgrade kit to deliver an instant enhancement to its existing award winningMagnaClean 22mm and 28mm filters.

According to research, the market leading MagnaClean magnetic filtration brand is the most effective filter when it comes to combating system sludge. The new sheath has been designed to incorporate a smart non-magnetic debris capture device at its base increasing its overall effectiveness in maintaining central heating systems.

Existing MagnaClean sheaths are simply upgraded at the normal service interval or during routine system maintenance.

“The industry’s number one magnetic filter for protecting central heating systems from damaging iron oxide sludge just got even better with this latest advance,” explains Sales Director Roger Williams.

“More than a million MagnaClean filters are already in operation protecting central heating systems throughout the country. The beauty of the new sheath upgrade is that following a simple retrofit, customers will benefit from the most effective magnetic and non-magnetic system maintenance available and they don’t need to replace the complete filter.”

“It’s literally a two-minute job to remove and discard the old sheath and replace it with the upgrade sheath. Installers can keep them on the van and we’ve also included a seal service pack for added value.”

The easy install upgrade sheath is designed for any pipework configuration and is available from all leading merchants.

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